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What is Covid Omicron Variant? Why It’s So Deadly?

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Why Omicron is the worst variant of Covid? where was it found? which countries is it already in? is the Omicron virus immune to the vaccines? Everything you need to know about this new covid variant “Omicron”.

Recently, a new variant of coronavirus is detected in South Africa which has got its name as Omicron Variant. This variant was found on Wednesday and is a matter of concern. To stop this variant from spreading, the stock market had a major drop. Later, Government informs about the imposition of new international travel restrictions.

This Omicron is not only spreading in South Africa but also in Belgium Kama Botswana, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, and the United Kingdom. This is the sign that it has already spread. Scientists are trying to research this variant. They are trying to understand at what speed it can spread and which type of infection it can cause. World Health Organisation i.e., WHO, has already stated the Omicron Variant as the “variant of concern.”


According to the information provided by WHO this variant could be more virulent, more transmissible, or more powerful to invade the vaccine protection. Therefore, it is more powerful than the original Covid-19 strain.

In the coming days, scientists will be saying clearly about this new variant with more information. We will let you know about the Omicron variant that experts have said to date.

How Powerful is The New Omicron Variant?

This new variant Of coronavirus is highly contagious in comparison to the delta variant. The Omicron variant has more than 30 mutations on its spike protein which is attached to the human cells and causes infection.

Omicron Variant is more powerful and has a mechanism that can invade human immunity very easily. It is more transmissible and people who have already taken vaccines can also get the infection by this new variant.

So far, this new variant has only affected young people that has led to suffering from body aches and soreness. Dr. Angelique Coetzee, who is the head of the South African Medical Association, said that “We are not talking about patients that might go straight to a hospital and get admitted for days.”


South Africa have recorded around 2828 Covid-19 cases on Friday. As per sources, 90% of the new cases reported in South Africa are cases of the Omicron variant.


The reinfection of the Omicron variant is also a matter of concern but it is not yet found out that how likely will its’ reinfection affect the human body.

The efficiency of treatment of Omi-cron variant with the help of monoclonal antibodies i.e., a new pill treatment recognized by Pfizer and Merck, is still unknown. Scientists are trying to figure out that whether or not the pill treatment is as efficient in the case of the Omicron variant as it was in the normal Covid-19 strain.


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