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Sizwe Dhlomo Drama Escalates After Sizwe and Unathi Nkayi Viral Leaked Twitter Audio Clip

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Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi Nkayi

Nowadays, a new drama is popping over the social media platform of Sizwe Dhlomo. He has been into the headlines constantly because of various controversies. On 26th November, Friday, Sizwe Dhlomo had uploaded the second round of audio clips, that were related to his Altercations with Unathi Nkayi, on social media. We will be sharing with you the details of the viral audio clips scene by popular Radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo.

The audio clip uploaded by Sizwe Dhlomo is trending in the list of Twitter trends on 26th November, Friday. Radio personality Sizwe had an argument with Unathi Nkayi and that audio clip of their argument is going viral on social media. Later Unathi shared a proper explanation video on the entire matter.

Sizwe Dhlomo Twitter Leaked Audio

As per sources, an Email is leaked where Unathi stated that Sizwe Dhlomo has been very aggressive with her and swore at her after she pointed out him for being late. She said that his behavior was abusive.

Sizwe wrote in his tweet, “Okay, now that out of the way. This is what Unathi Nkayi blame me for. I did not know the information of her accusatory copied me on her response, not realizing that I would then attain a copy of the entire chain.”

Later he shared his version of the case On Twitter. He expressed his situation and reported to human resources (HR). Later he shared the email also on his Twitter handle about his Request to HR for going through the audio clips of Sizwe Dhlomo and Unathi Nkayi’s argument.

Content of the Viral Audio

In the viral audio clip of their argument, that Sizwe Dhlomo shared on Twitter, Unathi Nkayi seems very upset. She is complaining about Sizwe for being late and talking about “4 minutes.” Later Sizwe claims that he has more proof but will reveal it at the right time.


Explanation by Unathi Nkayi about The Matter

Unathi Nkayi, Idols SA judge, took a step forward and explained the matter that led to becoming viral content on social media. On 17th November 2021, she got her termination from the radio Kaya FM. After she got terminated, on 20th November 2021 she entered into a heated argument with Sizwe Dhlomo. She complained to Human Resources (HR) about Sizwe for being aggressive towards her and for constantly abusing her.

Later when Sizwe uploaded all the conversations between him and Unathi then HR responded to them instantly. HR asked Unathi to drop her accusations after listening to the recordings but she denied.


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