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Watch: Kanye West Rage Allegedly After Punching A Fan, Video Viral on Twitter

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Kanye West

Source: TMZ


Kanye West is under fire for punching a fan who asked for his autograph. The police are investigating him for the same. The rapper screams at a woman trying to calm him down, as revealed in a video.

Rapper Knocks Down A Fan

Kanye West, the 44-year-old rapper has been accused of punching a fan. He got into a heated argument with a fan asking him for his autograph. The incident took place around 3 am, outside the Soho Warehouse, a club in Downtown Los Angeles.

According to reports, the fan approach West while he was sitting in his SUV outside the club. West allegedly punched the fan thereby knocking him to the ground. The fan lay on the pavement, as revealed by a video. Meanwhile, an enraged West shouts and snaps at people around him.


In addition, west screams at a woman who tried to calm him down. He can be heard shouting ‘get away from me!’ Meanwhile, the woman replies, ‘I am your family.’

She further tries to calm him down. She says, ‘give me your hand,’ to which West yells: ‘No, get away from me! Ain’t no hands, ain’t no hands.’ The woman is his cousin.

Kanye West Under Investigation

West had left the area by the time police reached the scene. Authorities are investigating the incident. However, no arrests have been made for the same. West has been named as a suspect in the police report.

In the same evening earlier, West was out with his girlfriend Julia Fox. The couple spends the evening with Madonna and Floyd Mayweather, followed by a dinner date at Delilah in West Hollywood for a dinner date.


The rapper has not made any statement about the incident. What triggered the attack is still unknown.

Kanye West
Music icon Kanye West (AFP photo)

The battery incident is considered to be a misdemeanor and the maximum jail sentence is of six months. The Los Angeles city attorney’s office will review the results of the investigation if any.

Sources have revealed that the victim has declined medical treatment. This incident occurs a week after the rapper announces Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in April.


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