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Cardi B and Youtuber Tasha K Beef Explained

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Cardi B and Tasha K

Tasha K and Cardi B


The feud between the YouTuber Tasha K and the rapper Cardi B isn’t looking to get over yet. Tasha K has gone way too far making several allegations on Cardi B that seems damaging to the reputation of the rapper. Tasha K and Cardi B have been in a battle ever since 2019 and are still continuing.

Cardi B is however depressed over the false allegations made by the YouTuber in her videos. The next hearing on the lawsuit of the duo is however scheduled to happen soon this month.

What’s The Ongoing Battle Between Tasha K And Cardi B All About?

Tasha K is a known YouTuber who began her journey on YouTube back in the year 2015. She’s been seen making views on celebs, movies, and web series in her YouTube videos. The fight between Cardi B and Tasha K however began in the year 2019 when the latter made some objectionable remarks about the former. Cardi B was devastated by the news afterward.
The fight then turned into a legal battle filing a lawsuit of defamation on the YouTuber by the rapper that still continues.

What Was Cardi B’s Reaction On The False Allegations Made By Tasha K?

In the recent testimony of the hearing, Cardi B broke down stating the allegations made by the YouTuber. Cardi admitted that she had suicidal thoughts and was depressed over the whole allegations made by Tasha K.
Cardi B even stated that she didn’t want to sleep with her husband and thought she didn’t deserve her kid after the whole incident. Cardi seems all broken with the YouTuber’s action.

What’s Tasha K’s Reaction To The Infamous Incident?

Tasha K seems totally unmoved by the incident and is seen doing counter sue on CardiB. However, Tasha K once filed a lawsuit against Cardi B stating that she and her gang tried to harm her. Fortunately, Tasha K’s allegations were refuted by the judge due to the lack of evidence by the YouTuber.

Tasha K has not accepted her defeat though and is fighting the legal battle. Soon the attorney of the YouTuber is to interrogate the rapper Cardi B. The next hearing is yet to happen on 18th Jan this year to take the lawsuit ahead. Meanwhile, Tasha K is all busy with her YouTube channel and the website she owns that serves as a streaming platform too. Not to forget, Tasha K has 1 million followers.


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