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WATCH: DaBaby Quenches Thirsty Woman At His Boston Concert

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dababy concert

dababy concert


At his Boston concert, Dababy pours water down a thirsty woman’s throat and the crowd goes wild.

DaBaby decided to shower a thirsty fan during his live concert when he asked the crowd if they were thirsty.

The video shows the fan enjoying as the DaBaby quenches her thirst and throws the bottle towards the camera eventually. Many users left comments on the viral video stating that it was hot and that the rapper must have tried to find her after the show.

DaBaby’s real name is Jonathan Lyndale Kirk posted a controversial rant on homosexuality which gained some momentum across social media platforms which got him removed from several major events like the iHeartRadio, Lollapalooza, and UK’s Parklife festivals. In one of his previous concerts, someone threw a bottle of water at his feet evoking a brash reaction from the rapper during his live concert. The rapper yelled, “who the f**k threw that motherf**king busted a** god-damn Adidas?”


After receiving attention over his homophobic rant, the rapper posted an apology but deleted it shortly. The internet deemed the apology to be ingenuine.

The internet questions if DaBaby’s homophobic personality is worse than that of the rapper 50 Cent. The hip-hop star’s return to Rolling Loud has enraged his fans after his controversial rant.

Twitter users have mixed reactions to the viral video. Some of the tweets are as follows!

The rapper from Charlotte is one of the biggest artists in his industry since his debut in 2019 and has been involved in o ther controversies before being popular. He is said to have shot killed a man in self-defense at a Walmart from his town. The rapper alleges that the man tried to rob him at the grocery store in Huntersville, North Carolina.


The man was a 19-year old named Jalyn Domonique Craig was shot and killed in the produce aisle of the popular chain of grocery stores. A police officer was patrolling the store as per his routine when the shots were fired. Several people were arrested due to the altercation that caused a public nuisance in the grocery store.

Dave Chapelle, the stand-up comedian, in his recent Netflix special “The Closer” accused the rapper of shooting and killing someone inside Walmart. The comedian referred to this incident while making a larger point about cancel culture following the rapper’s homophobic comments at Rolling Loud shortly after which the rapper posted an apology on social media and deleted it as well making it seem ingenuine.


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