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Jamie Lynn Spears Exposed By Former ‘Zoey 101’ Drama Explained

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Zoey 101 drama explained

Alexa Nikolas and Jamie Lynn Spears


Alexa Nikolas, Jamie Lynn Spears’ former Zoey 101 co-star, is taking aim at the “Things I Should Have Said” writer. In her memoir, the 30-year-old has been accused of lying by her former personal assistant. On her Instagram profile, she made the accusations, resulting in a storm of controversy.

It was reported by Too Fab that Jamie Lynn blames Alexa Nikolas’ break-up on the latter feeling marginalized on Zoey 101 movie sets. After becoming close to Kristin Herrera, Nikolas may have had similar thoughts, Jamie Lynn says.  

Among the allegations that Jamie Lynn made, Nikolas said he spread rumors about her being mean and b*tchy. A news site quoted Britney Spears as telling Nikolas she would not keep her jobs. If she continued treating people in the way Jamie Lynn had allegedly treated her.  

Alexa Nikolas criticized Jamie Lynn

Jamie Lynn was criticized for her recent actions by Alexa Nikolas in an Instagram post she shared on Jan. 13. 


Despite Lynn’s recent appearance improvement and attempts to use Alexa in her music video for Zoey 101, Alexa still thought they were fine. Alexa revealed to the world what happened to her on set/being left out once again during the reunion remake ploy.

The two actors have starred together on Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 since 2005 and 2006. Besides Jamie Lynn, Alexa was missing from the project when Jamie Lynn revived the theme song in October 2020.  

Alexandra Nikolas responds to Jamie Lynn Spear’s memoir excerpts

In a harsh post, she called Jamie Lynn Spears “a bully” and accused the singer of “lying up a storm.”

The confession comes after excerpts from the latter’s book were circulating on social media.

Meanwhile, Nikolas decided to speak up about what had happened to her on the filming sets as she saw it from her perspective regarding the relationship between the two. The relationship was fine, but Jamie Lynn used her for the Zoey 101 music video “to make herself look better.”


She also claimed to have been excluded from the reboot of the Z101 reunion.

In response, the actress asked why Jamie Lynn took so long “to address the issue.” However, she was happy to see Jamie Lynn “apologize finally,” so she “forgave” her.

Zoey 101 drama explained

Alex Nikolas called Jamie Lynn a bully and played the victim card

In response, Nikolas called Jamie Lynn a bully and asserted that she was playing the “victim” card. She also said that she was “straight-up lying.” After Jamie Lynn attempted to send Nikolas a gift, Nikolas requested that she stop receiving gifts and contacting her.

Jamie Lynn made no attempts to connect with Alexa Nikolas personally because she was deliberately lying and Nikolas would call her out if she tried talking to her.


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