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Viral Megalodon TikTok Debunked: Daniel Gomez Fisherman Video Proven Fake

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Megalodon and shark

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A TikTok video about a fisherman named Daniel Gomez has been going viral for having recorded a Megalodon. No doubt social media often comes with such unbelievable videos claiming something unusual to have recorded in it. But do you think the video of Daniel Gomez about Megalodon is real?

Read ahead to know more about the TikTok video of a fisherman Daniel Gomez going viral for having recorded a Megalodon.

TikTok video of fisherman Daniel Gomez goes viral for recording Megalodon

You may have plenty of videos that claim to have recorded things that you didn’t imagine you would be able to see. Be it UFO or some extinct species. Yes, recently too a TikTok video went viral of a fisherman Daniel Gomez who was claimed to have recorded Megalodon.

@forbiddencombo Photo at the end #mythicalcreature #seamonster #seacreatures #caughtoncamera #thalassophobia #megalodon
♬ Hoist the Colours – Bass Singers Version – Bobby Bass

For all those who are unaware of what exactly is a Megalodon. It’s a species of shark that’s said to have become extinct millions of years ago. Hence, the video of the fisherman aroused a lot of curiosity among the internet users. As the video became viral.

Is the video of fisherman Daniel Gomez having recorded Megalodon real?

Numerous such videos go viral on the internet claiming to have recorded something worth watching. The Daniel Gomez video having recorded the extinct shark Megalodon wasn’t something it promised to show. In fact, the clip actually wants you to first click on the share button and then opt for Google Maps.

@forbiddencombo Footage at the end #mythicalcreature #seamonster #seacreatures #caughtoncamera #thalassophobia #megalodon ♬ Hoist the Colours – Bass Singers Version – Bobby Bass

But if you go on to follow the instructions of the viral clip that was posted by a TikTok user @forbideencombo. You may end up giving your personal information on Google Maps. Sharing the video on Google Maps will let your personal information including photos posted on Google Maps be viewed by others.


How to prevent your information from getting posted on Google Maps?

Well, it can be risky to have your photos, videos, or even location information to be posted on Google Maps for others to easily see it. However, you can have that removed in case you have by mistake left any review, photos, or other information on Google Maps.

Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android. You can go to Google maps on your phone and find “see contributions” in the contribution option. If you find any information like location, review of photos, and videos of yours left there then click on the option of remove and delete it.


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