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Ukrainian Journalist Anastasiia Lapatina Rejected Interview With Russia Today- Know Why?

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Anastasiia Lapatina

instagram/Anastasiia Lapatina


A Ukrainian journalist turned down an interview with Russia Today, often known as RT, accusing it of doing “nothing but disseminate hazardous falsehoods” during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine this week. On Wednesday, February 23, Anastasiia Lapatina posted screenshots of her answer to the Russian network on her Twitter account.

In this article, we will share information about the case that Anastasiia Lapatina has explained through her social media. To know more read the post till the end.

What happened with Anastasiia Lapatina?

“Got an email from RT today,” the journalist captioned the post. In response to an email from someone identifying as James, Anastasiia wrote, “I do not and will not ever appear on Russian media networks, as they bear a large responsibility for the war in my country which left 14,000 Ukrainians dead.”\

She continued her statement, “RT specifically has done nothing but spread dangerous misinformation,” before concluding the mail with “Best, Anastasiia.”

The journalist said in another tweet, “To make it more absurd: they also sent me, as examples of the program they wanted me on, their interviews with [former Trump National Security Advisor John] Bolton and [WikiLeaks founder Julian] Assange.”


Anastasiia also shared the State-run network’s reply to her email, which was unusually kind. James, who appeared to be an RT representative, wrote, “I completely understand your position and appreciate you taking the time to get back to me. I wish you well for the future.”

User’s Reaction on Her Decision 

Meanwhile, social media praised the journalist for declining an interview offer from the Russian television network RT. One user stated, “We have to protect ourselves from propaganda.”

Another user remarked, “Food for thought for @AlexSalmond,” referring to the former First Minister of Scotland, who still hosts a discussion program on Russian state broadcaster RT. Another Ukrainian reporter, Jane Lytvynenko, tweeted, “Wow, RT really hitting up a lot of folks today.”

“Principles, convictions, and motives are neither sold nor bargained for!” remarked one user, referencing Joseph Pulitzer.

Another person stated on Twitter, “RT should have its licenses revoked in the UK, France, US, etc. Not because it spreads lies and disinformation – which it does – but because it acts as an arm of the Russian intelligence services. It merely masquerades as a media org.”


One witty user replied, “Well, at least you closed with ‘Best’, I’d have closed with ‘Regards'”.

Someone else said, “Very classy. They hardly deserve it, but it compliments your dedication to the high standards of journalist ethics.”


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