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Twitter users shocked as full Super Mario Bros Movie remains on site

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Super Mario Bros

Twitter users are stunned to see the full Super Mario Bros movie on the site available hours after it was uploaded. Ever since Twitter was taken over by Tesla CEO Elon Musk. It has been a topic of discussion for all months. But what lately has shocked its users is the full movie of The Super Mario Bros on Twitter that was not yet taken down for hours.

Read ahead to know more about Twitter users stunned to see full The Super Mario Bros movie on site hours after getting uploaded.

Full The Super Mario Bros movie uploaded on Twitter

Although movies often get leaked on the internet, the full Nintendo movie The Super Mario Bros being uploaded on Twitter was something that was hard to miss. A Twitter user ‘OMGitssAshley’ had uploaded the full movie The Super Mario Bros. Not just that, hours after being uploaded on Twitter, the movie stayed on the site.


Though previously Twitter had restrictions on uploading videos only of a certain length. Now, after the Twitter Blue feature one can easily upload really long videos easily. The reason why the user was able to upload the whole new Nintendo movie. In fact, the movie on Twitter was even watched by millions of people.

Twitter users are shocked as The Super Mario Bros stays on site for hours

Though Twitter and its new changes have been criticized often ever since Elon Musk took over the platform. The users got the advantage of its Twitter Blue feature which made them watch The Super Mario Bros movie on Twitter as was uploaded by one of its users.

However, Twitter users were even shocked as the new Nintendo movie wasn’t taken down hours after it was uploaded. Yet, the video of the movie caught the attention of Twitter, and the video was deleted later. Meanwhile, Nintendo and Twitter haven’t reacted anything to the uploaded video so far.


More about the new Nintendo movie The Super Mario Bros

It wasn’t the first time that The Super Mario Bros movie was leaked on the internet. Rather in late April, it was even broadcasted on Argentinian tv. Moreover, despite the number of leaks the movie has witnessed in a few months. It did quite well at the box office.

Super Mario is one of everyone’s favourites and even managed to do well with its movie The Super Mario Bros on the big screen where it gained $1 billion at the box office. Not just that, the movie has even become the biggest hit of 2023. While it is the second highest-grossing animated movie since the start of the pandemic.


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