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How a Dangerous TikTok Challenge Left Teenager Mason Dark With Severe Burns Covering 75% of His Body

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A teen TikToker has been left with 75% of his body burnt after a dangerous TikTok challenge went horribly wrong. The teen was trying a dangerous TikTok challenge when the accident happened leaving his body burned. Post which the teen had to be hospitalized. But what exactly happened to the TikToker leaving him severely injured?

Read ahead to know more about teen TikToker gets his 75% body burned after the TikTok challenge goes wrong.

Teen TikToker tries dangerous TikTok challenge

With TikTok challenges being an obsession of users. Recently a teen TikToker named Mason Dark who is also a footballer was too trying a dangerous TikTok challenge with his friends. Where they were trying to make a blowtorch with a spray paint can and a lighter.

In the viral trend of TikTok users get flammable aerosol to make the blowtorch. However, when Mason Dark tried the trend, a fatal mishap left him hospitalized in a very bad condition. Post which everyone has been shocked and worried for the 16-year-old TikToker.


Mason Dark left with 75% of his body burned after the TikTok challenge goes wrong

Mason Dark was trying out the dangerous TikTok challenge with his friends. However, the can that Mason was holding exploded in his hand and the flames covered him. The TikTok challenge backfired leaving the body of the 16-year-old TikToker burned.

Mason was reported to be hospitalized after the fatal TikTok challenge went horribly wrong. It was even informed that the TikToker was having 75% body burned after trying the dangerous trend. Post which netizens have been praying for the speedy recovery of the young TikToker.

Mason Dark’s mother reveals the condition of her son

Holli Dark, Mason Dark’s mother has spoken to WRAL about the condition of her son who had his body severely burned in the TikTok challenge. She said about her son Mason “He’s unrecognisable, unrecognisable”.


Adding further to her statement she said: “[We] come to find out now from the surgery, that’s he’s got the third degree burns…. it’s like a T in his back and it was from him taking off his shirt, and then it got stuck or something”.

She also said that “we didn’t not find it until yesterday that it was actually 76 percent of his body”. For the skin grafts, Mason has already had some surgeries. Though he might have to stay in the burn center for about six months.


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