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Twitch streamer “Kyedae” reveals cancer diagnosis and keeping it a secret from fiance, TenZ

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Valorant star Kyedae recently broke the news about her cancer diagnosis and she even admitted to hiding it from Tenz. Kyedae has been one of the most popular streamers of Valorant. However, it was sad to know for all her fans when she shared her cancer diagnosis. Yet she has been dealing with it gracefully and fans are supportive of her too.

Read ahead to know more about what Valorant star Kyedae shares about cancer diagnosis and keeping it secret from Tenz.

A little about Valorant star Kyedae

Kyedae Shymko has been a popular Twitch streamer with a great following on social media too. She is known for her Valorant streaming and has been even active on Instagram with about more than 1 million followers on the platform.

While her fans have always been supportive of her as a streamer. She keeps updating all her fans about herself. Kyedae is also known for her relationship with Sentinel’s player Tyson “Tenz” Ngo. With whom the Twitch streamer is engaged.

Valorant star opens up on her cancer diagnosis

It was recently when the Valorant star Kyedae shared with all about her diagnosis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Where she also said that she would be starting treatment for the same soon.

Not to for get AML is cancer that usually affects people below 45 years of age. This type of cancer can be lethal and a cure for this is normally chemotherapy and targeted therapy drugs.


About her cancer diagnosis however, Kyedae shared “when i found out i had cancer, i actually just laughed”.Adding further she said “i apologize if i trigger any of you, or make any of you feel uncomfortable, but all I’ve been doing during this is laughing”. “because let’s be real here, if i get sad and then go ‘oh i have cancer’, it’s not going to go poof and go away”.

Kyedae kept her cancer diagnosis secret from TenZ

While everyone knows about the relationship between Kyedae and Tenz. What recently Kyedae opened up about her cancer diagnosis was that she hid the news from TenZ. She shared on that saying that initially even her mom and dad were not informed about her cancer diagnosis.

While about keeping it secret from TenZ she said “Because I wanted to make sure he was fully focused on his game and his work before I broke the news”. About her streaming, she said that though her streaming might be irregular due to her therapies. She would still continue her work.


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