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TommyInnit Breaks Silence on Wilbur Soot and Shelby Shubble Controversy

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Tommyinnit and Wilbur Soot and Shelby Shubble



YouTuber TommyInnit has finally broken his silence on the Wilbur Soot and Shelby Shubble controversy, as Soot’s ex-girlfriend accused him of abuse. Tommy has been friends with both Soot and Shelby. However, after the accusations against Soot surfaced from Shelby, many have been awaiting Tommy’s response.

Read ahead to learn more about YouTuber TommyInnit’s response to the controversy surrounding abuse allegations made by Shelby against Soot.

The Wilbur Soot and Shelby Shubble controversy

Wilbur Soot, the popular internet personality, has recently been making headlines not for his content, but due to allegations made against him by his ex-girlfriend. While Soot had been in a relationship with Shelby Shubble, the latter released a video accusing Soot of abuse.

In a video posted on February 21st, Shelby accused Soot of physical abuse, discussing the matter during a live stream on Twitch. These accusations sent shockwaves throughout the content creator community. TommyInnit, a YouTuber friend of both Shelby and Soot, has also maintained silence on the controversy.

YouTuber TommyInnit responds to Wilbur Soot and Shelby Shubble controversy

Days after the controversy involving Wilbur Soot and Shelby Shubble went viral on the internet, many netizens have been reacting to it. While Soot did address the allegations against him and apologized for any hurt caused, many were not convinced by his response.

Meanwhile, some have been eagerly awaiting a response from YouTuber TommyInnit as well. Since both Shelby and Soot have been friends with Tommy, people were interested in his perspective. The YouTuber did react to the controversy surrounding Wilbur and Shelby, although he didn’t openly discuss it in his reaction.

What did the YouTuber say about the controversy involving Wilbur Soot and Shelby Shubble?

In his response to the controversy surrounding Soot’s alleged abuse, TommyInnit shared on X, “I will address everything when I am ready, but in the meantime, please send your love and support to Shelby.” This statement has prompted fans to react as well.

One user responded, “Don’t feel rushed! Take all the time you need. This probably hit you like a truck, just like it did everyone else. We all support you.” Another added, “Thank you, Tommy. Take all the time you need.” Fans will wait for the right time for Tommy to openly talk about the controversy soon.


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