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TikTok’s New ‘Series’ Feature Lets Creators Monetize Premium Content

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TikTok series

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TikTok is having a new feature called “series” out for all and users are curious to know about the same. As TikTok has been growing into the most popular app in the world with billions of users for it. The platform has been bringing out new features for users. Like the one, we got recently. But what is the TikTok feature “Series” all about?

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s new feature “Series” which makes everyone excited.

TikTok’s new feature “Series” gets rolled out

Social media platforms are something that one cannot resist these days. But among all of that, we have one of the platforms going very popular on the internet. And that’s none other but the popular TikTok app. TikTok in recent years has grown into one of the most popular app.


With billions of users on TikTok we often get new features getting rolled out for all. Recently we had the feature “Series” of TikTok come out. That’s going viral on social media and it’s making all curious to know about it.

What’s TikTok’s new feature “Series” all about?

You might have come across many social media platforms that use their content accessible for users only after paying for it. Well, the new TikTok feature too is something similar. The feature “Series” actually lets one user have their content get behind a paywall.


Introducing TikTok Series 🥁 Our new premium feature enables creators to post Collections of up to 80 videos, each up to 20 minutes long 🙌

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So, with the series feature on TikTok, one will have to pay to get access to the other person’s content. The feature is thus going to be useful for content creators who are willing to earn money with their content. However, the feature “Series” is yet not available on TikTok for all. As only some selected users have got to try it.

More about TikTok’s new feature “Series”

By the time you’ll get the new feature “Series” to be available for all on TikTok. You can know what the feature actually enables one to do. In the “Series” feature one can have a series of videos to be posted behind a paywall. So that others can only access it after they purchase the same.

@therealfallonmoran It’s like episodes of a TV show, but they are all relevant to the main topic #tiktokstrategyforbusinesses #tiktokstrategy2022 #tiktokstrategyforbusiness #tiktokstrategy #tiktokseries #fempreneurs #fempreneurship #fempreneursecrets #fempreneurlife ♬ original sound – Fallon – Video Marketing Coach

In one series you can have at least 80 videos posted. Where the duration of each video can be up to 20 minutes long. Whereas the standard videos on TikTok are of about 10 minutes long. Hence, the feature apart from earning money out of your content also gives a longer time limit for the videos to enjoy.

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