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TikTok: viral Nathaniel B meme meaning and Origin Explained

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Nathaniel B



TikTok sometimes gets a viral trend that makes others confused over it just like the popular Nathaniel B trend. Well, this trend went popular some years back as well. However, back again, this year too it has revived itself. In case you haven’t come across this so far. Then you can know all about it right here.

Read ahead to know more about Nathaniel B’s trend going popular on TikTok again.

Tiktok gets viral Nathaniel B trend

Previously you might have come across several insanely viral trends on TikTok. Among which, one we had was none other but the Nathaniel B trend. This viral trend first got on TikTok back in 2020. While it again popped up on social media recently. Yet there are many who don’t know about this trend and its meaning.


The credit for this viral trend goes to TikToker Prince Maj. While he himself made everyone clear about this trend. The popular trend by Prince Maj has some men with a rap competition when he comes wearing an orange neon shirt with bandana. Then he begins rapping with the lyrics “You Can’t handle me. Hold Up, ain’t you Nathaniel B?”.

What’s making Nathaniel B trend viral on TikTok?

The rap trend has gone insanely viral on the app. While the video of the young rapper Prince Maj is making everyone love it a lot. The video came in July of 2020. However, back again this year it found its way on TikTok. As of 2020, it got more than 2.7 million views on it.

This year, the trend came back again with several users turning it into a viral trend. Users on TikTok have made several videos on the rap of Prince Maj. That has been making others try it too. However, the name in the viral trend as Nathaniel B is making a lot of users curious.


Users’ reaction To Nathaniel B trend of TikTok

No doubt rap has a different fan following everywhere. As such when the popular Nathaniel B trend came up. Users on TikTok loved it. While many of them tried it themselves in their own way.

Some were curious about the name Nathaniel B in the trend. Hence, many of them brought the name of a YouTuber Nathaniel Brady with his videos to show how similar both the names are.


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