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TikTok Sleepy Chicken Recipe: Doctors Raise Alert Cough Syrup Can Kill You

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Sleepy chicken



Tiktok trends are fun unless you are all geared up to harm yourself. Sleepy chicken is yet another trend going viral on TikTok with a lack of real information around it. Well, the trend Sleepy chicken is extremely hazardous if not taken care of and is advised by the experts not to try. The US is however trending this fatal trend quite a lot.
Medical experts have seen the trend and are worried for the same as users taking up this trend aren’t aware of its consequences yet. Seems they need to know a bit more about this sleepy chicken trend in detail.

What’s The Viral Tiktok Sleepy Chicken Trend?

If you haven’t come across this new viral trend of sleepy chicken yet then you must know that the users taking up this challenge are seen using cough syrup to cook chicken meat. The viral trend is circulating on the internet as a remedy to treat cold and flu.


However, doctors have analyzed the trend in-depth and have warned against the sleepyChicken trend. Doctors have claimed this viral trend to be a deadly one.


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What’s Wrong About The Sleepy Chicken Trend?

As per the expert’s advice, the sleepy chicken trend shows chicken meat is cooked using a cough syrup and the syrup as per them is the real deadly cause. Doctors have indicated that cough syrups are meant to be used in a prescribed dose.

Yet the sleepyChicken trend is all about the syrup being used to cook the meat. The dose for cooking hence plays a vital role in it is a risky one or not.


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Why The Cough Syrup In Sleepy Chicken Trend Deadly?

Well, doctors have said it is right that a dose of medicine is prescribed for a purpose, and cooking the chicken meat in the syrup can make the meat all covered with the medicinal drug and it can even kill one.


Not to ignore doctors have also cited that cough syrups have a proportion of alcohol and water in it and cooking it with the meat can make the meat harmful for the body. Also, the prescribed dose can get ignored and the overdose can kill you. The cooked meat in syrup can create a smell too which is proven hazardous if inhaled. Hence, experts have said a no to this sleepy chicken trend.


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