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TikTok Launches Custom Animated Avatars For Users

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TikTok Avatars

If you are a die-hard TikTok fan and you’ve been eagerly waiting for some new feature to roll out then we bet the “Custom Animated Avatars” feature would be fit for you. Yes, TikTok has now come with a new feature for its users that’s just something hard to miss. While many users have been waiting for this feature for a long. We finally have it now to use. But what are these “Custom Animated Avatars” all about?

Read ahead to know more about the Custom Animated Avatars feature of TikTok.

Tiktok brings a new feature for its users

Apple, Meta, and Snapchat have long been having this animated features called Memoji, Avatar, and Bitmoji respectively for the users. However TikTok that’s growing so popular was missing this feature. But finally, we have the users to enjoy this feature to while trying different trends and challenges on the app now.


As this feature is popular with the name “Custom Animated Avatars”. This feature has already come out last week for all the TikTok users to try. If you have been aware of such a similar feature on other social media platforms then you must be knowing what it all has. However, if you still don’t know about it. Here we are to introduce you to the new feature of TikTok.

What are the “Custom Animated Avatars” of TikTok all about?

While some of the TikTok users may have already started using this “Custom Animated Avatars” feature. For those who haven’t come across it, this feature lets one customize their profile avatar to any face shape, skin tone, hairstyle, and more. All the options thus create an animated image though.

Users on other social media platforms have been enjoying this feature for quite some time. However, users of TikTok were waiting for this one to come out soon on TikTok as well. As such last week, this feature has already rolled out. Hence now users can use it and customize their avatar into an animated one.


How to use this “Custom Animated Avatar” feature?

If you are excited to use this feature of Custom Animated Avatar then just open your TikTok app and bring a camera to selfie mode. Then you may use the avatar pre-set or create a new one and use the effects to change the look of the avatar. For that, you’ll have to go to the effects option first and then the avatar effect.

Next, you can even use accessories, makeup, and piercings for your avatar. Also, you can have the option of recording your facial expression to set on your avatar. This feature is literally making all TikTok users happy to use it.


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