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TikTok “Get Sturdy” meaning Explained as Viral Dance Trend Songs

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Get sturdy TikTok Dance

Tiktok is known to have lots of dance challenges for the users of the platform to try, out of which one is the “Get Sturdy” dance trend. Going viral on TikTok, this trend has grabbed the attention of many, while most of the users have given a try to the dance trend. But what is the “Get Sturdy” trend all about?

Read ahead to know more about the “Get Sturdy” dance trend going viral on TikTok.

TikTok Gets A New Dance Trend “Get Sturdy”

Evidently, TikTok has uncountable dance challenges and trends that users love to try. With some challenges being popular because of the dance moves, here’s one trend falling in the same category. The new dance trend is called the “Get Sturdy” dance trend that’s making all give it a try.


The popular trend on TikTok is a dance move trend that users have tried doing on high beats songs. While each video of the dance trend has users dancing with different dance moves, the trend has left everyone liking it a lot. The trend is certainly going viral on the internet.

Original Dance Trend “Get Sturdy”

While it’s exactly not known as to when the “Get Sturdy” trend began on TikTok. However, the dance moves in the trend show all hopping on one leg to another while performing the dance moves. The trend has been followed up by dancing on upbeat songs though.

Yet, what seems to be the origin of the trend is the New York’s Pop Smoke “Dior” song that had similar dance steps and even the lyrics of the song had the word “Sturdy” in it. Hence it is hopefully a trend to be credited to the Pop Smoke for the similar dance moves in “Dior”.


User’s Reaction To The “Get Sturdy” Dance Trend

Tiktok users have literally loved the Sturdy trend and given lots of likes and views to the videos of trending dance moves. Not to miss, the dance steps in the trend have gone so viral that some YouTubers have given a tutorial video for the dance moves of “Get Sturdy”.

YouTuber Kai Cenat and Lord Hec have given a dance tutorial recently a month or two back on Sturdy dance steps. Not to miss, the tutorial video has also got more than 100k views on it.

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