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TikTok: FedEx driver apologizes after racist comments surface

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TikTok was abuzz after a FedEx driver was fired from her job after she gave racist comments towards a customer. TikTok is a popular app where the content of any kind may go viral. Well, something similar happened after a viral TikTok video of a FedEx driver being fired from job for racist comments toward a customer.

Read ahead to know more about the FedEx driver exposed for giving racist comments toward a customer.

FedEx driver exposed for giving racist comments toward a customer

TikTok has users from all professions on the app. We recently saw a TikTok user with username Karladelatorre97 sharing a video on TikTok on 31st January 2023. Where one could see and hear the FedEx driver lashing out at her customer. The FedEx driver is known as Annessa222 on TikTok.

@karladelatorre97 Pésimo servicio de #fedEx ♬ original sound – Karleshion

The viral video of Karladelatorre97 showed the FedEx driver unloading a big package for the customer. However, on getting refused to get help with the package the driver said “There you go, get your boxes since y’all refuse to help”.

Further, the FedEx driver lashed out at the customer when the latter replied in Spanish as the driver said “Go back to your country, I can’t understand what you’re saying. This is America!”.

FedEx reacts to the racist comments of driver

After coming across this whole incident, a spokesperson of FedEx Ground told Insider “This behaviour is unacceptable and contrary to the professionalism demonstrated by service providers in safely and reliably delivering millions of packages every day”.

While netizens too slammed the behavior of FedEx driver. As they went on to react about the same on social media. This resulted in action against the FedEx driver.

@annessa222 Update!!! #fedex #annessa222 #karladelatorre #annessafedex #fedexdriver ♬ original sound – .

FedEx driver fired from her job after racist comments on customer

Ever since the TikTok video of the FedEx went viral on TikTok. Everyone has been commenting on the same saying that the FedEx driver made racist comments about the customer. While netizens went on to slam the FedEx driver. Latter has come ahead to apologize for her behavior.

The FedEx driver came with an apology saying that the woman in the viral video is she only. While narrating her side of the story she said “So i asked for some help and everybody just looked at me. I put it on the dolly and had to bring it up a carb. [Doing so], i fell with the dolly and package. I’m frustrated, it’s cold outside and I’m just trying to gather my thoughts”.


She said about the whole thing “I know better, I’m sorry”. Not to miss, the driver has been fired from her job now.


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