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TikTok: Eddie Munson cult Trend Explained, Stranger Things fans build on their Joesph Quinn obsession

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Eddie Munson cult

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With Stranger Things dropping its part on the streaming platform, we have one of its characters Eddie Munson bringing the Eddie Munson Cult trend on TikTok. Well, this new trend of showing obsession over one or other celeb is just making TikTok have more and more trends. Hence this time it’s Eddie who is making everyone go crazy with its Cult trend. But what’s this trend all about?

Read ahead to know the Eddie Munson Cult trend on TikTok.

Eddie Munson Cult trend goes viral on TikTok

With billions of users for TikTok now, we can’t bet to have any day left out without a new trend on the app. As such users always stay excited to get hold of one or the other trend. Hopefully, this time we got to know of a new trend that’s making everyone just love it. Well, the trend is the “Eddie Munson Cult” trend.

@rinkomaniaa CHRISSY WAKE UP😖 credits:@schmoyoho #strangerthings4#strangerthings3#chrissywakeup#chrissy#eddiemunson#song#meme#funny#song#sarcastic#fypシ#chrissycrumble#xyzbca#foryoupage#fyp#fyp#fyp ♬ original sound – rinkomaniaa

But before this Eddie Munson cult trend, we have already had some similar trends on the app before. As one of them was the SZA Cult trend and the other one was Lana Del Rey Cult trend. The Eddie Munson cult trend too is a different version of the same trend though.

@jhonypeuz i really hope it's this song i love it #eddiemunson #eddiemunsonedits #strangerthings #strangerthings4 #josephquinn #strikehardsoc #fyp #viral #foryou ♬ The Final Countdown – jhony 😉

What’s TikTok’s Eddie Munson cult trend all about?

If you have been active on TikTok then you surely would have come across the SZA Cult trend and the Lana Del Rey Cult trend. As this trend shows the fans of the artists in the trend use either SZA or Lana ‘ image as their profile. While the background has a fire burning behind it.

@livclouxds #answer to @Eddie Cult!!! Just join the eddie cult! #strangerthings#fyp#eddiemunson#eddiecult ♬ original sound – Liv

Similar is with Cult trend too. Though this trend has popped up all of a sudden from Stranger Things’ latest season where one more character has arrived named Eddie Munson. Eddie Munson’s role has been played by the actor Joseph Quinn. Hence in this trend, you’ll find fans of Eddie using his pic in the profile. While the background will be a burning fire.

@f1nns.wife EDDIE CULT EDDIE IS ALIVE #eddie #eddiemunson #eddieisalive #eddiecult #join #justiceforeddiemunson ♬ i love eddie – shax

Users reaction to Eddie Munson Cult trend

Users have been literally loving the cult trend a lot. As they have been lately watching Stranger Things. Not just that, but apart from trying the cult trend. They have also been sharing some dialogues and other moments from Stranger Things.

While the profile picture of users has been dedicated to Eddie Munson under this viral trend this time. In future, though you might get some similar cult trends with a new celeb.


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