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The Twee Trend on Tiktok: What Does It Mean? Viral Throwback Fashion Trend Explored

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Twee Trend



Tiktok is back again with a new trend these days called “Twee”. Tiktok has always been known for contributing to set a trend and that makes it viral all over the place. Be it any dance step, any song, or something else, Tiktok brings it all on great trend. But, if you haven’t noticed the new trend twee then surely you must check it out. It’s trending a lot these days bringing a craze for everyone to try it once. Girls are indeed loving it to try.

What’s The New Trend Twee All About?

Well, the new viral trend twee is a bit different and actually a retro-style fashion trend. All you get to see in this new trend is a fashion style especially worn back in the year 2011 by character. If you remember then you must be knowing there was a sitcom named New Girl in 2011. The sitcom had Jessica Day where she had a fashion style in it to wear a bit different styled clothes with vibrant colors and styling it all with funky accessories.


Nothing but the same fashion sense is getting viral with the twee trend on TikTok and guess what, girls are really loving it. Zooey Deschanel played Jessica Day in the sitcom and she started this twee trend back again showing some of her wardrobe collections with the similar fashion sense she wore in New Girl.

What’s There In Twee Fashion Trend To Try?

Right from Jessica Day’s dresses if we see, she was always seen pairing it up with some stylish sunglasses, shoes of different styles and that’s what TikTok has brought in twee fashion trends to try for girls.
Jessica’s dresses had enough retro-cool look in New Girl with some bright colors including floral prints, polka dots style, etc.

What’s Making Twee So Trendy?

Anything that’s different becomes a trend on TikTok, isn’t it? And yes similar is with the twee trend too. The twee fashion trend lets everyone especially the girls to show off their retro twee New Girl style wardrobe collection and give a funky look.


I’d like to thank TikTok for teaching me what twee means

♬ Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? – She & Him

Moreover, Jessica’s dress-up in New Girl was mostly about its colors, patterns, and all. Also, those fashion trends are way different than the current fashion trends making it look amazing on TikTok these days.


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