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Tahiry Jose, Ex-Girlfriend of Joe Budden Speaks Up on ‘Bisexual’ Accusation Drama

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Tahiry Jose

On Thursday (November 4), Joe Budden nearly wrecked the internet with a viral clip from the Joe Budden Podcast in which he admits to being bisexual. Budden’s ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose has called him out and declared that she would not fall for his pranks now that the internet is ablaze and Budden is trending on Twitter.

“I’m bisexual,” the former rapper and media figure declared on his show. What is the most effective approach for me to spread the word? What is the most effective approach for me to spread the word? I like both boys and girls, so pay attention. Please help us get the word out. “I’m leaving.” The out-of-context video gained traction on Twitter this week, prompting fans to believe that the 41-year-old had come out as bisexual, which she had not. If you listen to the whole podcast, you’ll notice that he was talking about DaBaby and the LGBTQ+ community instead of himself.

One of his ex-girlfriends, Tahiry Jose, has recently reacted to the matter.

Tahiry Jose: Who Is She?

Tahiry Jose is a former model and Internet personality best known for his appearances on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York.

The reality show chronicles New York’s up-and-coming hip-hop musicians.

Tahiry Jose

The 42-year-old Harlem native joined the show’s main cast in 2013 and stayed for two seasons, Seasons 3 and 4.

She recently returned to the show for Season 10 after a five-year hiatus.

Tahiry grew up in the entertainment world and was not well-known until she began dating Joe Budden.

Uncovering Tahiry And Joe’s Relationship

Joe and Tahiry started dating in 2005 and have been together ever since.

Their relationship was not easy, and they had many ups and downs until breaking up in 2014.

In a recent interview with Hollywood Unlocked, Tahiry spoke openly about the alleged abuse she suffered while dating Joe.


“Because someone was sending him a message,” she claimed, “that relationship left me with a fractured nose and a shattered rib…. he pushed me down a flight of stairs.”

On the other hand, he has never admitted to abusing her.

Tahiry Wonders Aloud The Bisexual Drama

Tahiry has weighed in on the ongoing controversy surrounding Joe Budden’s sexuality.

“Joey can be a woman hitter, but far from Bi,” the online star tweeted after being falsely accused of being bisexual. And Vado needs to stop contacting, DM’ing, and showing up in my former crib. “I’m just stating the obvious.”


“Na, I would have known,” she clarified. We took action. & I’m only subservient in bed! As a result, it’s a challenging pass. I failed to make a point. LOL.”

Tahiry went on to call the whole thing “clickbait.”

“I mean, he had a little money now,” the 42-year-old explained, “and ninjas who ain’t never had anything might simply get thrilled, bored, and want to do new things.” If that’s the case, please let him LIVE!”


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