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Murilo Huff, Ex-Boyfriend of Marília Mendonça: How is He After The Singer Death?

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Murilo Huff

According to The Guardian, one of Brazil’s most famous singers, Marília Mendonça, was sadly died in a plane crash while she was going to a performance.

Meet Murilo Huff is a singer and songwriter. He is from Brazil, who wanted to marry her, and he engaged to late Marlia before they broke up and before her death.


On Saturday 6 November, when Marília Mendonça was going to a concert, she died in a plane crash and furthermore, she was going to a concert. She was just 26 years old,  who was a Brazilian singer, and a Latin Grammy winner.

She was engaged to Murilo Huff, who is a singer and songwriter.

 In May 2019, the singer, who was her boyfriend, told us that they were in a serious relationship for five months.

In June 2019, Mendonca was pregnant. They got engaged and started living together.


On 16 December 2019, Léo Dias Mendonça Huff was born in Goiânia, Brazil. He came out one month prior, which is considered a premature baby.

Marília Mendonça
Via @murilohuff Instagram story

 On 28 September 2021, on 28 September 2021 broke up with Huff and again turned single. The information is given by Portuguese entertainment outlet Quem.

 The cause for their breakup, according to Quem, was something trivial. Moreover, the exes have since opted to keep their connection alive and preserve respect and understanding for the sake of their baby.


To thank his followers @murilohuff share on Instagram, he has got concerned through the messages of support.

The of the artist, named by Léo Dias Mendonça Huff, is safe, according to a translated Instagram story.

Huff also informed that Mendonça’s relatives and friends will be able to pay their respects and bid her farewell.

The burial details were also revealed on @mariliamendoncacantora’s Instagram feed.

Meet Murilo Huff

There had been rumors that the couple planned to go their separate ways for a long before he announced his breakup with his ex-fiancée.

In October 1995, Murilo Huff was born. She was born in Goiânia, State of Goiás, Brazil. She is now 26 years old.


According to Biography Daily, Huff’s current net worth is $1 million USD as a singer and songwriter.

On Instagram, @murilohuff has more than three million followers and is classified as an artist.

Huff also shares photos of his son, Leo, among the plethora of musical content around his job.

Plus, there’s more. Explore @murilohuff’s Twitter profile for more information.

Marília Mendonça and Huff’s baby is nearly two years old today. On her social media posts, he was frequently mentioned before her death.


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