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Stockton rapper Young Slo-Be was shot dead in Manteca

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Young Slo-Be

Rapper Young Slo-Be was shot dead on the morning of 5th August in Manteca. He was 29 years old.

Here is everything you need to know.

Young Slo-Be was shot and killed 

CBS News reported on Friday morning that a man was shot near West Center Street and Trevino Avenue. The cops arrived at the scene around 8 am and found the lifeless body of the victim.

Moreover, the victim was identified as Disean Victor, popularly known as Young Slo-Be, by the San Joaquin County Medical Examiner’s Office.

The tragic news was confirmed by the Thizzler On The Roof’s Operations Manager, Tyrese Johnson.

The agency has promoted the rapper’s work since 2020.

The statement said, ‘Rest In Peace Young Slo-Be. We’re devastated to announce that rising star @youngslobe2100 was shot and killed this morning.’

Johnson shared, ‘From early on we knew that his work ethic and the care he put into his artistry would take him very far.’


He added, ‘We had high hopes for Young Slo-Be’s career and looked forward to doing more great work together.’

Young Slo-Be

The message concluded with, ‘It was an honor to work with Slo-Be the last couple of years and we’re heartbroken to say goodbye. Our hearts are heavy, and our condolences go out to his family and loved ones.⁠’

Who was Young Slo-Be?

Young Slo-Be was a rising rapper from Stockton, California. 

One of his tracks, I Love You, gained a lot of attention on social media when it was a trend on TikTok. Users on the site were dancing and lip-syncing to the song in no time.

He had a fan following of more than 90 thousand throughout the social media platforms. 

Fans mourn Young Slo-Be’s death

Fans of Young Slo-Be quickly took to social media to express their feelings over the tragic news. Many were shocked and upset by the incident.

One fan wrote, ‘He rapped about the streets, basically like, how it is… growing up right here, like, the struggle.’


Another added, ‘He was super humble to the whole community. That’s why a lot of people liked him. A lot of people liked him because…he never tried to act like he was better than anybody.’

While someone said, ‘I feel like he had so much potential. He was like an up-and-coming artist… he could have been something so much bigger, too.’

One more fan shared, ‘My whole weekend was ruined. They took Young slo B.’

Moreover, a different fan noted, ‘why do they take young slo be.’


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