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Star Wars’ Yodu Voice Actor Tom Kane Enters Early Retirement After Suffering Stroke

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Yodu's voice actor Tom Kane

Recently, Star Voice Actor Tom Kane retires from his voice acting after suffering a stroke last year. Tom Kane is a voice actor famous for his voice in Yoda in Star Wars. So, let’s find out the reason in this article why he retires? What happened to him? And Who he is?

Tom Kane’s Retirement-

In December 2020 Tom suffered from a stroke. But he recovered from it soon physically but who knows about his mental state. After it, his daughter, Sam confirms that his father is mentally strong and fit. But the Twitter page of Wookiepedia says something different. The page says that Tom faces complications in his stroke. And due to these complications, he is taking retirement. He doesn’t want to take retirement but is forced due to complications. Recently, he suffers from Apraxia and due to that, he can’t move his voice from one sound to another. He is still in recovering phase. And trying to practice his signature so that he could even sign autographs for his fans. 


Affect to different persons due to Tom Kane’s Retirement-

Tom Kane’s retirement came as shocking news to everyone and the left the voice community and Star Wars community were affected. Behind giving his voice to Yoda in Star Wars, he gives his voice to different other characters on different platforms. Some of the movies and series in which he gives his voice are Admiral Ackbar in Star Wars, Narrator for Star Wars. The news of Tom Kane’s retirement killed actor Ed Asner himself. Tom Kane’s voice for the actor is mind-blowing and loved by all.

However, Tom didn’t die in the real world. He is still alive living with his family but his death causes many other character’s death because his voice is the one that makes many characters a hit. Now, he will longer be available for his voice in Yoda but his voice will remain alive in the hearts of his audiences. His voice will always be missed and remembered by everyone. His name will always be included in different series and movies in which he gives his voice like Star Wars.

Tom Kane

Who is Tom Kane-

Tom Kane is a legendary voice actor. He is a part of many high-profile projects. He gives his voice in many cartoons at that time. The different series in which he gives his voice are Professor Utonium in The Powerpuff Girls, Darwin Thornberry in The Wild Thornberry, Magneto in Wolverine, X-Men, and Ultron in Avengers. Many actors gained popularity due to their voice only. Currently, he is famous for his voice in Yoda, a character of Star Wars. He has also given voice in many games like The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special, Next to Franz Oz, and many.


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