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Space Jam DVD Challenge Trending on TikTok, How To Participate?

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Space Jam DVD



TikTok has allowed people across the globe for showing their talent to a wider audience. New trending challenges often go viral on the video-sharing application. People follow the trend and create their videos to gain views and likes by posting them on their TikTok accounts. Similarly, a new challenge, Space Jam DVD, is going viral and people are enjoying creating videos for this new trend.

People are seen adding their innovation for going with the Space Jam DVD trend. TikTok is handling many new videos trending as Space Jam DVD challenge shaped in different manners. People are creating their versions and then stitching them with the original video. Some of the videos contain beautiful harmonies whereas many videos also contain quirky additions.

If you don’t know about this popular trend on TikTok then don’t worry we will introduce you to it. Read this article to understand what is this challenge all about.

@vibebasket #duet with @staceyryanmusic ♬ Don’t Text Me Challenge – Stacey Ryan

What is the Space Jam DVD challenge?

This trend on TikTok started when Stacey Ryan, musician, and a TikTok user, created a video by singing her verse. She sang only a few lines and the rest of the lyrics was left for her fans. Her concept was to make people sing the lines of the track and create their video. Then they will be stitch ing their video with the original video of Stacey Ryan to complete the song. This challenge was named by the artist as ‘Open Verse Challenge’ and was started on 30th December 2021.

@hellabellabot #duet with @vibebasket space jam dvd #kazoo #spacejamdvd #music #fyp ♬ Don’t Text Me Challenge – Stacey Ryan

One of the viewers showed his creativity and stitched Stacey Ryan’s video with his one where he is muttering the phrase “space jam DVD” several times. He was trying to show his DVD collection of the movies in the background. The name of that person was Ashton Lyons, who is using the TikTok app with the username ‘vibebasket’.

Ashton Lyons’ ‘space jam DVD’ video went viral after which other TikTok users started creating their version of Space Jam DVD trend videos. Some of the people stuck to the pre-existing melodies whereas others chose another route for participating in the challenge.

@queencarlyyyyy #duet with @vibebasket I couldn’t resist. #spacejamdvd #openverse #duet #singer #songwriter #donttextmewhenyouredrunk ♬ Don’t Text Me Challenge – Stacey Ryan

How To Participate In This Trend?

You can create your quirky clip or use melodies to participate in the challenge. Stitch your video with Stacey Ryan’s original singing clip or with Ashton’s Space Jam DVD video.

You can also just lip-sync this song, but if you are a good singer then you can follow the trend by adding your voice for singing the further track. Other than singing you can also do some other quirky things.

@brianhuhn79 #duet with @staceyryanmusic #spacejamdvd ♬ Don’t Text Me Challenge – Stacey Ryan
@nickdaproducer #duet with @vibebasket ♬ Don’t Text Me Challenge – Stacey Ryan
@that_bari_guy_bryan #duet with @vibebasket sir, this audio haunts my nightmares. Pls no more #spacejamdvd ♬ Don’t Text Me Challenge – Stacey Ryan
@ericosinski #duet with @vibebasket ♬ Don’t Text Me Challenge – Stacey Ryan

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