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Is SpotemGottem Dead or Alive? Here’s All the Rumors and The Truth

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SpotemGottem, a songwriter and rapper is been hospitalized after a severe drive-by shoot five times in Miami. After that incident, online surroundings start to surmise the rapper’s death. Anyway, the rumors are in disapproval from the victim side for now. His manager answers this issue, telling him the rapper is out of surgery now and recovering.  

On the other side, SpotemGottem’s lawyer, Raven Liberty tells that the rapper, the victim has survived the incident. “He is alive, most importantly


When does this incident happen?

As per TMZ, the drive-by shoot happened On Friday, (September 17th) early morning around 3:00 in Miami. The incident happened when SpotemGottem left the studio and driving towards South on I-95 another car stops and starts to fire the singer’s car. 

According to Florida Highway Patrol, 20 plus gunshots lodged around the car. Claiming that, the singer shot by 5 times. He was in the passenger seat. Hence, suffered a shot in both of his legs. His driver struck with a shot in the hip region. Soon after, the rapper rushed to Aventura Hospital, Florida.

The Instagram messages about SpotemGottem:

As the shooting news came in, a particular user claims that the rapper passed away. Soon after, lots and lots of condolences and questions flooded in. 

The Spotlight moments of SpotemGottem:

SpotemGottem is famous for the Hit track “Beat Box”. Following Beat Box, there comes many remixes including one from DaBaby. Due to his tremendous Tik-Tok trend, he was in the spotlight since early this year. 


Also, He is famous for dance movements that swept the whole social video; in which popular people starting from Lil Baby to Kevin Hart and many more starts to perform the dance to his hit “Beat Box”. 


Previous rapper’s arrest:

 In July, the rapper gets arrest on Felony Gun Shots. He also has a connection with one incident in Miami Beach, reporting that he pulled a gun on a parking lot assistant.   

The rapper also called out Dallas Police for distributing false statements about him and the ongoing murder investigation. 


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