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Shane Dawson’s YouTube video left fans confused as they believe he got hitched to Ryland Adams

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Shane Dawson’s latest YouTube video created a buzz among the fans. They think the clip might have hinted at the YouTuber soon getting hitched with his long-time boyfriend Ryland Adams.

Shane has been in a relationship with Ryland since 2016. They both have shared several ups and downs they faced on their respective YouTube channels. The subscribers loved every bit of their romance and have supported them for nearly six years.

So it’s a no-brainer, the idea of the pair walking down the altar might have thrilled many fans.

Regardless, some users think that Shane and Ryland might have already tied the knot. What is the truth?

Here’s everything we know about them so far.


Did Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams Tied The Knot?

Unfortunately for some fans, Shane Dawson didn’t marry Ryland Adams in their latest YouTube video.

The couple however did start wondering about marriage more seriously than before.


In the 33-year-old’s recent YouTube video, the couple was seen hanging around with Ryland’s family. During dinner, Shane and Ryland asked their opinions on the two getting hitched. The video clip was titled, The Fate of Shane Dawson.

While most of the clip shoelaces a confused Shane thinking about whether it is the right for the duo to get married or not.

Dawson and Ryland also drifted at the idea of them tying the knot in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ryland’s mom, who is featured in the video, showed her excitement in planning her son’s wedding.

Later in the clip, we witness the family sitting near the living room table. They gather together to know whether the said couple should get hitched via a fidget spinner.

Shane continued to tease his wedding throughout the 46 minutes long video. There was a constant back and forth about him getting married which left many fans confused. Some fans believe he might have already said, ‘I Do.’


Many viewers might not have watched the whole video considering its duration which might have confused the fans. In short, it was just a discussion and not a real wedding.

What is Shane Dawson doing these days?

When the star is not brooding over whether he should tie the knot with his boyfriend or not, he is living quite a low-key life these past days.

Shane has not been posting much on his Instagram. Nevertheless, he is consistent in posting a new video on his YouTube channel every month. 


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