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Shane Dawson glad that he was ‘canceled’ in 2020

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Shane Dawson



American YouTuber Shane Dawson created a buzz on the internet when he was facing cancellation from it, however now he has said that he is glad about it. Yet back in 2020 the YouTuber Dawson was in limelight over one or the other controversy. Which ultimately affected his career. But what has he said about that now?

Read ahead to know more about Shane Dawson is glad he was cancelled.

A little about Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber whose full name is Shane Lee Yaw. His YouTube journey began in the year 2008. While eventually by 2010 he had a lot of fans of him. His videos had sketch comedies mostly. He would also impersonate different celebs including throwing lights on the entertainment world.


However, apart from being a popular YouTuber. He has also been in several controversies. His racial comedy was criticised badly by others. Which badly affected his career to the extent that he was cancelled on the internet. Yet now he has reacted to it recently.

Shane Dawson reacts to being cancelled

Though, after getting cancelled to several controversies. Shane is finally back making content. While he also is active on his podcast Shane and Friends. Apart from that, he is also seen in other podcasts too. Recently in one of the podcasts, he even shared his views on getting cancelled.

It was on August 1st at Perez Hilton podcast that Shane Dawson shared what he experienced in his life post getting cancelled. As he said that he is glad he had a cancellation. As it helped him in his life. Cancellation made him think good about himself and what matters to him and what not. He was happy to post his cancellation.


Controversies of Shane Dawson

While racial comedy and his “N” word comments brought him into controversies. The blackface by him often was another reason he was facing criticism for. Not just that, there were many other instances where the YouTuber was on the radar of the netizens. Which eventually affected his career.

In the year 2018, another controversy came when his comments on the podcast 2013 Shane and Friends about pedophilia was in limelight. Which was later in another controversy that had his cat involved in it too. Not to miss, all these badly harmed his image among his fans.


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