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Santi Millan responds to news of the leaked video

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Santi Millan

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Spanish actor Santi Millan’s privacy was violated as an intimate leaked video claimed to be his is going viral on the internet. While leaked videos going viral isn’t something new especially if someone famous is associated with it. However, Santi has given his reaction to the viral video. While his wife too has come forward to express her side.

Read ahead to know more about the intimate leaked video of Santi Millan that goes viral on the internet.

Santi Millan’s intimate leaked video goes viral

It’s certainly not the first time when a public figure ended up having an intimate leaked video. As there have been many such instances before. But lately, it is dragging the Spanish actor Santi Millan. On June 19th, an intimate leaked video claimed to be of Millan went viral on the internet.


What users of the internet couldn’t stop talking about was the partner of Millan in that video. As netizens said that it wasn’t a video of Millan with his wife. Rather it was someone else with him. However, Millan hasn’t said that the leaked video is of him.

Santi Millan’s reaction on the intimate leaked video

Though Millan didn’t accept that the intimate leaked video going viral on the internet is of him. Yet he did say that leaking the video was a criminal offense. However, apart from that, he refused to make any comment on the video. As such it still remains to be unknown whether the video is of Millan or not.

Not to forget, Millan has been a popular Spanish actor who has been a part of the Spanish theatre La Cubana during his initial days. He even worked in the tv series Periodistas. While there were many other projects of him too.


Millan’s wife’s reaction to the intimate leaked viral video

Santi Millan’s wife Rosa Olucha too after the viral leaked video incident came ahead to support her husband. In fact, on her Instagram, she shared some pics and even said that her husband is a victim. Further, she said that her husband Millan has faced an attack on his privacy.

Even Olucha agreed that attacking the privacy of Millan is wrong and the person who leaked the video had committed a crime. However, even she didn’t reveal whether the video is of her husband or not.


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