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Rumors Debunked: Is Fendii aka Imfendii Dead or Alive?

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A video on Fendii’s Tiktok account made rounds on the Internet, claiming that he was no more. However, Fendii confirmed to his fans that he is alive, which shocked the fans.

Who Is Fendii aka Imfendii?

Fendii, is an influencer and content creator on Tiktok, well-known by the handle “Imfendii”. The influencer was very popular among his fans and followers for his heartwarming quotes.

A female voice often starts his videos by asking him a question or telling him the quote of the day. He would then respond to the same in his signature style. His Tiktok account boasts of over 553,000 followers. His videos, full of positive quotes have become a viral trend on the Internet. They have received over 11 million views.

What Made Fans Think Fendii Died?

Few days back, a video was shared on Fendii’s profile. The footage claimed that the Tiktok star had died. In addition to the recording, a text overlaying the video confirmed the death of the star.

The video took the internet by storm and the news of his death spread like wildfire. The text read, “RIP Fendii”. Furthermore, it said that the content creator will be deeply missed for his heartwarming quotes. Fans and followers took to social media to give their condolences. All the fans believed the news to be real because as the video was on Fendii’s official account.

However, shortly after the video was shared, there were conjectures that the news might be fake. Although, there was no confirmation of the same.


Fendii Confirms He Is Alive

Fendii took to Instagram to confirm that he is alive and the death hoax was a false one. He shared a story on Instagram stating the same. The influencer reported that the video uploaded on his Tiktok profile was false and misleading. He stated in his story that by the video, he did not mean that he was dead. Fendii further said that will just discontinue posting quotes anymore.

@_imfendii 💯… #fyp #4u ♬ School Rooftop (Intro) – Slowed Down Version – Hisohkah

Fendii also claims that he might look very happy on his TikTok and Youtube channels. However, life isn’t that easy behind the camera. Even then, he would never take away his life. The news of his death was a shocker for all his fans. As a result, he promised that he will go live to interact with his fans. He even said that if required, he will facetime all his 500k fans.


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