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Royal Controversy: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Face Backlash Over Sussex Royal Website and Title Use

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Harry and Meghan are being chastised for maintaining the Sussex Royal website and continuing to use the title, Sussex Royal, even though they stepped down as Royals in 2020 and apparently vowed not to use the title in the future. Even the Sussex Royal Instagram account has remained active. Netizens have now voiced their displeasure with the existence of the Sussex Royal website as well as an Instagram account on various social media channels. According to Mirror, the website includes a statement confirming Harry and Meghan’s resignation as Royals. However, netizens have specifically noticed a section labelled “Serving the Monarchy.” The page has not been updated even though Queen Elizabeth died in 2022 as well as Harry’s father was crowned King Charles III, according to a Daily Mail exclusive.

One of the few persons who spoke to The Daily Mail about the modifications that weren’t made on the Sussex website stated, “At the very least, it ought to reflect the Queen’s death and be updated with King Charles III.” According to People magazine, Prince Harry’s phone hacking lawsuit involving Mirror Group Newspapers was decided by Justice Fancourt on December 15, 2023. According to the verdict, 15 pieces published by MGN relied on information obtained by hacking Harry and his accomplices’ phones. Harry filed a lawsuit against MGN in October 2019. In an official statement at the time, Harry claimed that his wife was the victim of a “British tabloid press that conducts campaigns towards people with little regard to the consequences.”


Harry and Meghan Chastised By Netizens For Failing To Delete Or Update The Sussex Royal Website Following The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II

Despite a commitment not to use the self-anointed label in 2020, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ‘Sussex Royal’ website wasn’t destroyed – and it has not been updated to reflect the Queen’s death, MailOnline can reveal. from stepping down as senior royals, the Sussexes resolved not to use the title ‘Sussex Royal’ ‘in any territory’ from spring 2020. Despite this commitment to rebrand, is still up and running almost three years after Megxit, as is their Sussex Royal Instagram account, which has 9 million followers. The design of the website cost the couple tens of thousands of pounds. A part committing to ‘ serve the monarchy’ when ‘called upon’ has not been amended to reflect the death of Queen Elizabeth II or the accession of Harry’s father to the throne. ‘I am shocked that their Sussex Royal website is still in the public domain,’ one royal observer told MailOnline today. The Queen is no longer alive, and the Sussexes have agreed not to use the name Sussex Royal in the future.’ ‘At the absolute least, it should indicate the Queen’s death and be replaced with King Charles III,’ added another.

A third joked, ‘According to the Sussex Royal website, our late Queen is still very much alive.’ The Sussex Royal website has been maintained anonymously by GoDaddy, a web hosting firm in the United States, thus it is unclear who manages or owns it. ‘Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is sovereign & was crowned Monarch in 1953,’ it states in the passage where Meghan and Harry swear to serve the monarchy’ while pursuing ‘financial independence’ overseas. Her Majesty is a symbol of national togetherness and pride. The couple also promised to “continue to fly the flag for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II as called upon.” When the Sussex Royal website went live in 2020, it was claimed to have ‘hurt’ the Queen & dismayed Palace staff. The pair also attempted to register Sussex Royal as a global trademark for a variety of products such as apparel, stationery, books, and instructional materials.


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