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Reddit Blackout: Users Unite for June 12 Protest Against API Changes

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Reddit API

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Reddit to have API changes and this has made many plans a blackout over the same on June 12th. Just like any social media platform, even Reddit has managed to grow popular among all. However, now the platform is looking for some changes that may not be acceptable to many resulting in finally having a blackout for the same.

Read ahead to know more about Reddit API changes heads towards a blackout on June 12th.

Reddit planning for changes in API

Every social media platform on the internet is having its own use and user base. Reddit has been one of the most popular ones for a long time. With the platform coming this far giving no trouble to its users. It seems that time is going to be over now.

On 31st May, Reddit announced its plan to make changes in API. Yes, Reddit will be charging now for Application Programming Interface. This was earlier free however now it won’t be as many think the charges are higher which would create a lot of trouble for third-party developers.

What’s more about the Reddit API changes?

For the charging of Reddit from third-party developers. There have been a lot of claims being made on social media too. Some developers have said that Reddit could be charging as high as to cost them about $20 milli on a year to ensure their program is running.

📣 Had a call with Reddit to discuss pricing. Bad news for third-party apps, their announced pricing is close to Twitter’s pricing, and Apollo would have to pay Reddit $20 million per year to keep running as-is.
by u/iamthatis in apolloapp

There has been talk about all these changes to be made by Reddit to cause several third-party apps to close down. This will have an impact on the users of Reddit users as well. As they will have to visit the Reddit platform to get every piece of information.

Users plan a blackout for Reddit API changes on June 12th

Amid all of these changes being planned for Reddit API. We have the users already slamming the same. In fact, users have planned to have a blackout on 12th June over the planned Reddit API changes. Some of the users have planned a blackout of 24 hours.

Some have even planned to protest over the same for as long as 48 hours. Not just that, many of the users even decided to go away from the platform till the problem is resolved. Although, whether this blackout turns out to be successful or not is to be seen in the coming time.


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