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Rare Photos of Britney Spears’ Sons Sean Preston and Jayden James with Their Dad

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Britney Spears Sons

Teenage sons of Britney Spears made a sporadic appearance on social media. They were looking positive and it was clearly evident from their poses in pictures.

On 6th October, ex-husband Kevin Federline made a rare social media appearance with pops star’s kids Sean Preston Federline and Jayden James Federline. The two-star kids who have almost entirely stayed out of the public eye despite their celebrity status he posed for cute, sweet pictures which were shared on Instagram.
Eddie Morales who is the CEO of Movision Entertainment posted a collage of pictures that showed Jayden and Sean in positive spirits.

In both pictures, they flashed wide smiles and the two-star kids were sandwiched between Eddie. Even Jayden and Sean appeared in matching black jackets which they had paired with white tees. One video clip seizure, Jayden’ musical talent where he showcased some amazing piano skills. Other pictures focused on Eddie hang-out with Kevin and others.


Eddie began his Instagram caption, “ During the period of sorrow knowing you have #family feels cherish living. He also included, “ love you, bro, @federline4real…… now the universe will see how much of an amazing #Father HE HAS BEEN!

Britney Spears Sons

Just 2 weeks ago, with a heartwarming Instagram message, Britney Spears shared a rare appearance in her children’s lives.

One day Grammy winner shared, “ My boys birthday was last week and unfortunately they want to do their own things and also they are growing up…….. I have asked their permission to post them on social media because they are now independent little men.

One of “Circus” singers revealed that she still cannot believe that they have grown up.
“ They are young and geez they are still growing. It makes me sad even I cried for two days when they went to a dance last week.“ My babies in a suit!! It’s crazy!! My boys are so handsome so girls get ready.”


Britney Spears assured her fans that she will keep on posting the recent happenings about her sons, however occasional only. Battling to end her conservatorship that lasted for more than a decade, Britney Spears said to her fans that she will prefer in keeping sons’ personal lives private.

I can’t share all the things with you because my kids are a little private and I love this thing about them but I would love to tell you that they are talented and I’m blessed to have these kids in my life. And if they are reading this then I would say, “I love you, my two devils.”


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