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Jerry Juroe, 14 James Bond Movies Publicist, Died of Natural Cause at 98

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Jerry Juroe

At the age of 98, Charles ‘Jerry’ Juroe, veteran advertising. And media affairs specialist probably most famous for overseeing the promotions of 14 James Bond films. Dating all the way back to the first has died.

Jerry Juroe died from natural causes on Sept. 30 at his residence outside Valencia, Spain. According to his buddy Mark Cerulli, who compiled Juroe’s 2018 biography Bond, the Beatles. And My Year with Marilyn: 50 Years as a Film Marketing Guy.

Since almost the first marketing visit to Italy in 1962 for Dr. No with Sean Connery until his retiring as head of marketing on Licence To Kill. He made a considerable role in the achievement of the franchise,” said Bond creators Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli in a release. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his child Kim.”
Jerry Juroe was born in San Francisco on September 19, 1923, and his first experience of Hollywood. Occurred after he entered a competition to witness an early screening of 1935’s The Lives of a Bengal Dancer. At Paramount’s local branch when he was really a teen. However, any hopes of a profession in show business were dashed. When he became a career navy officer, as per his father’s expectations.


Jerry Juroe: Career

It was also the first among several interludes at that production company. And it reconnected him with Hope, who had become a friend; tried to introduce him to several other A-listers, such as Alfred Hitchcock; and helped lead to him publicizing films like 1950’s Sunset Blvd. and two for Cecil B. DeMille, 1952’s The Greatest Show on Earth, that also won the Oscar for best picture and 1956’s The Ten Commandments.

Jerry Juroe

Juroe’s profession would have sent his return to Europe several times. He left Paramount to head for Arthur P. Jacobs’ marketing business, where one of his most famous assignments was caring about Marilyn Monroe in England during the filming of The Prince and the Showgirl in 1957. He encountered another lady who then became his wife, actress Lynn Tracy, whilst accompanying Monroe to a banquet. Tracy passed away in 2001, after a 42-year marriage. Jerry Juroe met producer Albert ‘Cubby’ Broccoli, who will contribute significantly in the entire life, whilst also performing for Jacobs.

Jerry Juroe was enticed to perform for Paramount in Europe and afterward Universal in New York for a short time. “I was comfortable at Universal,”. He later recounted, “however when the possibility to reconnect to the Bond project arose. I bid New York goodbyes once more and flew back to Europe.”

Well with Bond films, he traveled around the world and also was around for both spectacular and mundane events.


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