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Rapper Eve is Pregnant: Eve and Husband Maximillion Cooper Expecting First Child

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Eve pregnant

Eve is getting ready to meet a tiny sweetheart. Fans are pleased to know the news about Eve’s pregnancy. Pregnancy news of eve was shared by her on Instagram and she seemed very happy about it.

This Friday, October 15, the 42-year-old revealed that she and spouse Maximillion Cooper are anticipating their first baby altogether. She captioned a snapshot of her expanding tummy on Instagram, ” “@mrgumball3000, could you realize this? We can now tell everybody!!!!! You have no idea how much we have already been longing for this miracle!!! Our little person will be born in February 2022.”

Maximillion said as much on Instagram that he’s “extremely in thrill” to ultimately make the announcement with the rest of the community.

Eve pregnant

Eve and Maximillion Copper Relationship: Explored

Eve initially told the media that adjusting to someone who is a stepmother takes “years.” “Since I first met my partner, then-boyfriend, I said to myself, ‘It’s never going to last since you have 4 children!’ ‘How is this going to work?’ she said. “But then I saw the children and thought, ‘Wow, children are awesome.’

She went on to say that ever since knowing them, they’ve “balanced her” and also that she considers herself “extremely blessed” to have them all in her existence. “I call these my extra kids!” she laughed. Eve also resigned from her employment as a co-host upon that The Talk to spend more quality time with family members in London.

“My hubby and I have been on flights every 2 to 3 weeks, and then we were simply weary,” she explained, adding that they ultimately hoped to add a junior sibling to their four children. “Plus you want to be in a similar area as your spouse in order to also have a child! So, maybe, this will be of assistance.”

Cooper was formerly betrothed to actress and filmmaker Julie Brangstrup. Prior to divorcing in 2010, the couple tied the knot in 2003 and also had four children altogether. Eve was also subsequently funded by Puma to compete in the Gumball 3000 during that same year. Soon after, they met for the first time and began a relationship. After 3 years of courting, they finally married in 2014. They were also in lockdown jointly, and that was exceptional in their marriage. “Actually,” Eve says, “it has been very wonderful.”


“I have had to admit, I feel happy that we’ve been a few of the partners who come out from the lockdown and said, ‘I still really respect as well as love you — that’s a separate issue since love is one element, but you also need to respect the other person.”

Eve in The Queens

Eve’s days as a co-host are over, but she’s really busy and productive. The artist appears in ABC’s Queens, another melodic television show about “four women throughout their 40s who reconnect for an opportunity to reclaim their glory and restore the sass they had during the ’90s once they became hip-hop giants.”


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