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Netflix Employee is Fired for Leaking Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Special Sensitive Data

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Netflix Dave Chappelle

Netflix fired an anonymous employee for sharing “commercial scale confidential material”. With someone from another business, according to a Bloomberg news source. In violation of the streamer’s standards. The information includes Netflix revenue numbers for Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” stand-up show. That sparked outrage within and without the business due to the comic’s transphobic content.
“We have terminated one worker for disclosing private, commercially sensitive material just outside of the business,”. A Netflix spokesman stated in a press statement. We realize that this individual was driven by frustration and anger at Netflix. But we believe that preserving an environment of honesty and openness is essential to our organization.

What was the Information about the Special show?

According to Bloomberg, Netflix offered $24.1 million worldwide. “The Closer” plus $23.6 million to Chappelle’s 2019 show “Sticks & Stones.”. That’s significantly more than the team spends for Bo Burnham’s “Inside” program

. And far more than what it spent for the worldwide breakout hit “Squid Game.Which is by far the most Netflix full title since its first premiere. According to inside Netflix papers reported by Bloomberg. The “impact value” of “Sticks & Stones” was project to really be $19.4 million. As per the study, this provided “Sticks & Stones” a “efficiency” rating of 0.8, contrasted to 2.8 for Burnham’s “Inside.”

Netflix Dave Chappelle

The release of the sensitive records to Bloomberg appears to already be done to humiliate Netflix. By highlighting the fact that the business has spent more for Chappelle’s contentious material than those for stronger programs. In a message to top staff the other week. Netflix co-CEO and significant matter director Ted Sarandos stated that Chappelle’s “Sticks & Stones” is indeed the streamer’s “greatest, rankest, and honors stand-up comedy by far.”

Since Netflix published “The Closer” on Oct. 5, the uproar surrounding Chappelle’s transphobic as well as homophobic remarks has gotten increasingly heated. Dozens of workers are organizing a walk on October 20 in response to Sarandos’ statements supporting the Chappelle program.

The controversy of Dave Chappelle Stand-Up Special

In an Oct. 11 message, he stated, “We have such a particular conviction that material on display does not immediately transfer to actual harm.”. On Friday, Hannah Gadsby, a female Australian comic with two Netflix stand-up shows. Took a swipe at Sarandos for including Gadsby inside the second email. As evidence of the firm’s attempts to enhance coverage of “marginalized populations.”

Furthermore, Netflix fired three workers previously this month. Alongside a transsexual worker who’d already publicly criticized Chappelle’s “The Closer” on Twitter. For visiting Netflix’s quarterly performance meeting for top management without authorization. After finding that the workers did not really have bad motives, the business restored them a few weeks later.


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