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Ranveer Singh, The Bollywood Actor, Now The India Brand Ambassador Of NBA

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NBA India Brand Ambassador Ranveer Singh

Recently, NBA announced Ranveer Singh, a Bollywood star and husband of Deepika Padukone as an India Brand Ambassador. It’s a very great opportunity for Ranveer Singh. His fans, friends, and family are very happy after this announcement. Let’s find out more about it in this article.

Ranveer Singh- a brand ambassador of NBA –

Ranveer Singh is named as a brand ambassador for India of the NBA. He is the first Bollywood actor to get this opportunity. This announcement is made by the US’s National Basketball Association. In a year, there will be the 75th anniversary of the NBA in India. So, to maintain their profile, he is being hired. He will be seen participating in many different leagues. His appearance in different leagues will be featured on NBA’s social media platforms and also on Ranveer Singh’s social media platforms. It will benefit both Ranveer Singh and NBA. This year, in Cleveland, Ranveer Singh will attend NBA All-star 2022. He is saying that he will be sharing behind the scenes for his fans. Ranveer will get a chance to meet NBA players. 

Ranveer Singh

NBA Style Account-

Along with this, NBA will be seen featuring on NBA style. NBA style is basically an Instagram Account focusing on New lifestyle. It is an Instagram account for fans in India to show them the culture and style of the NBA. Along with showing culture and style, the account also features any celebrities portraying the culture of the NBA. Ranveer also expresses his feeling, “I have loved basketball and the NBA since my childhood and have always been fascinated with its influence on popular culture including music, fashion, and entertainment, With the NBA tipping off its 75th season celebrations, there couldn’t have been a better time to join forces with the league and support their efforts to grow basketball in the country.” This signifies that he has a keen interest from childhood and his childhood interest becomes true. 

Brands endrose by Ranveer Singh-

During the time of the pandemic also, Ranveer signs 9 new brands for advertising and promotion. He signs with brands like  Astral Pipes, Eduauraa, True Fan, and Jio Network. YRF talent under Yash Raj films maintains Ranveer Singh’s deals with brands. Along with the brand, he signs a movie “83” also. After signing the movie, he gets the contracts of 34 renowned brands like Kotak Mahindra Bank, Nerolac Paints, Ching’s, ITC’s Bingo Snacks, the English Premier League, Manyawar, Nivea Men, Colgate, and JBL.


Some of these brands are those which has contracts with Ranveer Singh for a long period of time like Kotak. Ranveer Singh is with Kotak since 2018. He shot for Kotak 811 video. Last year, Ranveer Singh is named as ‘second most appealing Bollywood star’ by IIHB. Akshay Kumar owns the first position. His carefree and trending looks make him more attractive that’s what many brands like about him.


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