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Post Malone’s Shocking Transformation: Fans Express Concern Over Apparent Weight Loss

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Post Malone's

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Rapper Post Malone’s weight loss has left all his fans worried for him as his recent video has gone viral on the internet. Malone has been busy with his performances across Australia and New Zealand lately. While one of his video performing is grabbing everyone’s attention that shows the weight loss of the rapper.

Read ahead to know more about Post Malone’s fans who are worried about the weight loss of the rapper after a video of him goes viral.

Post Malone touring across Australia and New Zealand

Post Malone has been one the most popular rapper, who has a great fan following. Fans often find the rapper performing live. Yet, recently he has been touring across Australia and New Zealand with his tour. While fans are truly enjoying him performing live at his shows. One of his recent video has been going viral on the internet.

Meanwhile, Post Malone has even had weight loss that’s making his fans react the same. He had even shared a shirtless pic of himself this year showing his weight loss. While it seems like looking at all of that now Malone’s fans are worried for him.


Post Malone’s fans worried over weight loss of the rapper

As Malone is touring across Australia and New Zealand lately, what all couldn’t miss was one of his video performing. It wasn’t the performance of the rapper that grabbed everyone’s attention. Rather it was the unusual way in which the rapper was moving h is hands and feet that made all his fans worried.

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Fans know that Malone has lost weight in recent times. Meanwhile, the movement of the rapper while performing on stage concerned all his fans on social media. As the video of the rapper is going viral and fans are having a debate over the same.

Fans react to the weight loss of rapper Post Malone

Fans have taken to social media to react to the weight loss of Post Malone. As some even commented on the same saying “How come we ain’t talking about how much weight Post Malone lost?”.

While another one wrote, “This is just an observation I don’t mean anything rude or anything about it but, Post Malone has lost a lot of weight recently”.

Though some of his fans of Malone were worried for the rapper. Some went on to support the rapper saying in the viral video of the rapper he was just vibing with the beats. Not to miss, Post Malone had also become a father to a daughter last year.


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