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Pokimane Opens Up About Tinnitus Battle, Impacts on Twitch Streaming Schedule

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Streamer Pokimane’s streaming schedule has been interrupted and it’s because of her health condition. Pokimane giving her fans some amazing content to watch from her side every time. It seems like her health condition wants her to relax a bit away from her professional work. As she updated me about it on social media.

Read ahead to know more about streamer Pokimane updates on her health condition that interrupted her streaming.

Pokimane and her fame on Internet

Pokimane has been one of the top female streamer on Twitch. While she is active on other social media platforms too. Her content is much loved by her fans. In fact, Pokimane’s fans eagerly await her videos on the internet.

However, due to certain health issues, the streamer has been giving priority to her personal life and health. Although, she’s traveling and doing lots of other stuff to keep herself going. She is often streaming too.


Yet, recently she had to go for making changes in her streaming schedule as some health issues started troubling her. Not to miss, Pokimane has been sharing her health updates with her fans on social media.

Pokimane gives another update on her health condition

Pokimane had to take a step away from being a full streamer because of her tinnitus problem. She revealed the same to her fans on social media. Though she had been taking treatment for the same. We have got to know that once again her problem of tinnitus has interrupted her streaming plans.

Pokimane and her fans were excited as usual as the streamer was to stream on the 25th and 26th of May. But it couldn’t happen as her tinnitus problem didn’t let that happen. She had to inform her fans that she wasn’t able to stream because of her tinnitus problem.


Pokimane posts about her health condition on social media

Streamer Pokimane has always been open about her health condition. She had never kept her fans unaware of what she’s been going through. Recently too after her streaming plans got interrupted by her hearing problem. She posted about the same and asked fans to look after themselves as well.

In her post, Pokimane wrote, “Sorry, i wanted to stream today but my tinnitus is acting the f**k up”. She further added, “Gotta go figure out why. For anyone dealing with a chronic condition, i feel you and encourage you to take care of yourself first, no matter how much it sucks to miss out on other things”.


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