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P for Papas’ Kitty Craze Sweeps TikTok as Users Dance and Sing with Their Feline Friends

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TikTok has a trend for cats this time and it’s called the “P for Papas’ trend. The video-sharing platform might be having numerous trends for humans. Yet it never leaves out animals from it without harming them. Yes, and the latest P for Papas trend is something similar and cat owners might fall in love with this trend. But how can you try the P for Papas trend of TikTok?

Read ahead to know more about the P for Papas trend on TikTok going viral.

TikTok gets a new P for Papas trend for cats

You might have seen many dance videos on TikTok trending with some having unique music as well. But you surely wouldn’t have come across a trend for making your cats dance. Yes, the P for Papas trend is one such trend that lets you do the same.

papa’s party 🎉 #catsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #funnyvideos #funnycat #cat @user5765140531869 ♬ papas party – June, Benny & Cherry

If you own a cat and have been trying out trends on TikTok as well. Then we bet you would love to try out P for Papas trend of TikTok. Yes, this trend has been going viral all over TikTok and the original video has already got millions of views and likes on it.

How to try the P for Papas trend on TikTok?

Before you actually try the P for Papas trend with your cat. The original video of this trend was shared by a user “june.hound” with their cat. The TikToker had their brother and his girlfriend making their cat dance.

@cierra_jas44 Replying to @sleepy 🥱 it fits so well😂😂😂 #pforpapas #itsapapasparty #frog #toad #pool #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #pooltok #frogdancing #summer ♬ papas party – June, Benny & Cherry

The lines said while the cat danced in this trend says “P, for Papas. It’s Papa’s party”. Though we don’t know what the term Papa’s party stands for. The dancing video of the cat in this trend shows users making their cats dance with their paws waving in the air.


Users’ reaction to TikTok’s P for Papas Trend

TikTok users having cats truly found the P for Papas trend to be amazing for them. Meanwhile, others too have loved to watch the videos. Many have in fact been commenting about what the Papa’s party means in the trend.

@nbc it’s a Niall party! 🥳 #nbcpage #thevoice #papasparty #niallhoran ♬ original sound – NBC

Some believe Papas is about paws. While some referred to it as potatoes or even someone’s dad. Not to miss, the original video of this trend has gone insanely viral crossing more than 15 million views on the same. As the trend grows even more popular right now.


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