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Pink Dragons TikTok: Behind the Viral Game-Inspired Craze

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Pink dragons TikTok

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Pink dragons on TikTok have been trending with many confused over their appearance. As many have been thinking that the pink dragons are a new trend on TikTok. That comes up during the videos on the platform. But here’s what you must know about the viral pink dragons of TikTok. So, is pink dragons a new trend going viral on TikTok?

Read ahead to know more about pink dragons going viral on TikTok.

New pink dragon trends on TikTok

There have been so many trends on TikTok that’s been confusing all over it. While a new one the pink dragons has come on the platform. In recent, we have seen TikTok users seeing pink dragons appearing in the videos often.

@pinkdragonjustice Justice for Pink Dragon 🙏 #pinkdragon
#pinkdragonlore #dragonfarmadventure ♬ original sound – pink dragon

This has made users think that it’s a new trend on TikTok. While some are still thinking about what the pink dragons are all about. Well, if you too don’t know about the same. Then here we will tell you what those pink dragons on TikTok are all about.

What’s the pink dragons on TikTok all about?

The pink dragons appearing in the videos of TikTok are actually not a trend. Rather it’s from the game Dragon Farm Adventure. The game has pink dragons in it. While the videos on TikTok featuring them are actually for the promotion of the game.

@rexxy_confetti noo pink dragon justice for pink dragon #pinkdragon #sad #capcut ♬ original sound – rex

This has made the pink dragons go viral on TikTok. As some are excited to know about the game now too. The pink dragons not to miss are a part of the game Dragon Farm Adventure which is available for both iOS and Android.

More about the pink dragons from the Dragon Farm Adventure game

If you want to try out the game having those viral pink dragons of TikTok. Then you can try out the game Dragon Farm Adventure. Which is a treasure hunt game. Where you get the pink dragons to help your character in the game.

In the game, you’ll find pink dragons who will help you explore new places while you will be required to find the treasures in the game too. Not to forget, you can find this game in themes of other games like The Lion King and others too. The game has however been there for five years. While ever since the videos of the pink dragons came up. The game has gone viral among all.


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