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Peaky Blinders’ Paul Anderson Opens Up: Real Reason Behind ‘Dishevelled’ Look Revealed

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Paul Anderson



Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson has responded to fans who expressed concern after a viral image showed him with a “disheveled” appearance. His fans have been worried about the health of the Peaky Blinders star, prompting the actor to address the situation himself.

Read ahead to learn more about Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson’s reaction to fans’ concerns about his “disheveled” appearance.

Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson’s pic in a “dishevelled” look goes viral

Some time ago, Peaky Blinders star Paul Anderson was seen with a disheveled appearance that raised concerns among his fans. His aged appearance prompted worries about his health.

Not to forget, prior to his concerning appearance, the actor pleaded guilty to possession of crack amphetamines and cocaine, as he admitted in court. Now, after seeing the reactions of fans to his disheveled appearance, the actor has responded to them.


Paul Anderson reacts to concerned fans

After Paul Anderson’s fans expressed concern over the actor’s health due to his appearance in a disheveled state, which went viral on social media, the actor has responded by sharing an image of himself resuming his work.

On Tuesday, Paul took to Instagram to share an image from a set, stating, “Back to business and back on set today.” He further added, “Thank you for all your love and concern, everyone. I was and have been absolutely flattened by the flu. #nofilter.”

More about the reaction of Paul Anderson to concerned fans

Paul shared another selfie of himself, captioning it, “Feeling blessed and back to business!” In his post, he added, “Just wrapped up my final commitments of an opus. I’m truly grateful to have been able to showcase a character that I have the utmost faith will send shockwaves when this series drops!”

The Peaky Blinders actor certainly thanked his fans for all their love and support towards him. Regarding his comeback to work, he wrote in his post, “Always remember, nobody cares about the truth when the lie is way more entertaining than the truth. I am back, don’t you worry about that. Boycey #NOFILTER.”


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