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Paris Hilton Sparks Safety Concerns with Viral TikTok of Improperly Installed Car Seats for Kids

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Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton raises safety concerns after uploading and deleting a TikTok showing her kids’ car seats improperly installed, prompting viral fan reactions.

Paris Hilton, the reality TV star, recently stirred up controversy with a TikTok video that was quickly deleted after fans pointed out a glaring safety issue. The video, which was uploaded on Monday and subsequently reposted by Daily Mail, showed Hilton’s children, Phoenix, 1, and London, 6 months, in their car seats. However, fans were quick to notice that the car seats were installed incorrectly.

In the video, Paris Hilton’s children appeared peaceful in their car seats. However, instead of being positioned to face the rear of the vehicle, as is the recommended safety protocol, the car seats were facing forward. This detail did not escape the notice of viewers, especially since instructions for correct installation are often printed on the car seats themselves.

@dailymailshowbiz Paris Hilton's new video showing her kids in their car seats in her new mom van sparked a discussion about child safety among fans. The socialite posted a clip of her infant daughter London and son Phoenix buckled into their car seats – but fans quickly flooded the comments with concerns about how the car seats were installed, noting that the infant and toddler were sitting in forward-facing seats. 🎥 Paris Hilton #parishilton
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Viewers expressed their concern and disappointment in the comments. One viewer pointed out, “Oh my goodness. Rear-facing, rear-facing, it even says it on the sides of the seats.” Another commented, “What’s upsetting is that she has unlimited resources to ensure these are installed properly.” Yet another exclaimed, “WHAT THE HECK! There are no excuses for child safety! Call your local FD [fire department] or PD [police department] they will gladly help set them up correctly!!! These are not correct.”

The incident sparked a debate about the consequences of such actions, with one viewer noting that if any other mother had posted a similar video, they would likely be reported to child protective services. Paris Hilton has not yet commented on the issue, but she did delete the original TikTok video, likely in response to the flood of negative comments.


In other news, Paris Hilton announced on Monday via Instagram that she and Nicole Richie are planning to return to reality TV with a new series reminiscent of their 2003 show, The Simple Life. The announcement, captioned “New era, same besties. Coming soon to peacock,” was met with enthusiasm from fans, many of whom declared that the return of Paris and Nicole to reality TV would be “iconic.” Details about the new show are still under wraps, but fans are eagerly awaiting more information.


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