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N3on Expresses Regret Over Maui Incident and Addresses Accusations

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N3on apologizes for filming the aftermath of the Maui fire and addresses his use of a slur against an elderly person.

Controversial Kick streamer Ragnesh “N3on” has recently found himself at the center of a heated controversy following his livestream from Maui, Hawaii. On May 8, 2024, N3on hosted an IRL (In Real Life) stream from the island, which quickly escalated into a public relations nightmare when locals confronted him for filming the aftermath of a devastating fire. The incident resulted in widespread backlash and accusations of insensitivity.

After a brief hiatus, N3on returned to his channel on May 15, 2024, to address the situation. During the broadcast, the 19-year-old streamer took full responsibility for his actions and issued a public apology. He emphasized that he did not visit Hawaii with any harmful intentions:

“For the people that live in that area and are from that place, I genuinely say sorry for coming in that area and not knowing what I was doing. I take full responsibility and accountability. That was my fault on my end. I should have known. But I came there with no ill intent. Nothing bad at all.”


N3on also revealed that his controversial actions led to his expulsion from Hawaii. He recounted the experience, describing a dramatic exit from the island:

“And basically, I’m just going to be honest to you guys. All right? I want to say this and be completely honest and transparent. What happened was – they literally pressed me out of the country. I ran away. I literally had to escape through a backdoor. I’m not even trolling! It’s, like, real s**t, bro.”

In addition to the criticism over his filming, N3on addressed accusations of using a slur against an elderly Hawaiian. While discussing the incident, he acknowledged the natives’ displeasure and clarified his position:

“They’re really mad at me, bro. And I want to clear it up because there are Hawaiians all around the world and I don’t want no smoke with any Hawaiian, bro.”

He specifically denied the allegations of calling an elderly person a derogatory term, explaining:

“By the way, they said I called one of their elderlies the ‘B-word.’ I’m not going to say the word but I said I called them the ‘B-word.’ I did not call anyone the ‘B-word,’ bro. All right? I did not call anyone the ‘B-word.’ So, that was not me. But, I take accountability for what I did. I didn’t mean any harm or any ill intention at all. And I love you, man. W Hawaiians, bro.”


N3on’s apology and clarification come at a time when the sensitivity surrounding cultural respect and disaster impact is at an all-time high. His actions have sparked a broader conversation about the responsibilities of content creators, especially when dealing with vulnerable communities and sensitive situations.

As N3on navigates the fallout from this incident, it remains to be seen how his audience and the wider streaming community will respond to his apology. The situation highlights the importance of cultural awareness and respect, particularly for influencers who wield significant power over public perception and discourse.


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