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“No shame in a drunk” Chris Evans to Lizzo! Read to find more! 

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Chris Evans

A day after Lizzo posted a seemingly unprovoked and suspicious DM to Chris Evans, it appears the two have already spoken — and that things are looking great between them, according to reports. The latest screenshots of their exchange show Evans being courteous and somewhat reserved about Lizzo’s advance

‘No shame in a drunk DM’—Evans replied with a kiss emoji when contacted. “God knows I’ve done worse on this app lol.”In response to this issue, he included the facepalm emoji, the gesture potentially referring to the actor’s accidental leaking of NSFW photos on his Instagram

story last year.

Chris Evans

Lizzo shared the sweetest message from her new celebrity crush — and now she finally has a chance to respond. She revealed all the things in her TikTok Video, expressing her feelings that the 39-year-old celebrity follows her back on Instagram which made her feel like she is on top of the world. 

Greeting the camera with a cheerful smile, she begins to scream to show her real happiness and excitement regarding the follow back. On Sunday, Lizzo posted a video on her TikTok app that detailed a conversation she had with Chris Evans after one too many drinks made her a little too friendly.


“I had JUST woken up and was about to make a cup of tea when I got the first DM. Then she said that she felt regret about being too forward and complained that, “The thing I don’t want is the fact that I know that I’m not going to marry him. It bothers me so deeply.”

Now let’s just wait and watch what happens next between both of them but this short and cute conversation literally brought a smile on a lot of faces which include them as well as their fans. 


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