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Nicki Minaj slammed after she jokingly asked Drake whether he still had Covid during mid-concert

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Nicki Minaj

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Fans viciously ridiculed Nicki Minaj after she decided to make a joke about the Grammy-winning rapper hiring Covid on stage at the OVO Fest in 2022.

Drake canceled the Young Money reunion

The much anticipated Young Money reunion, scheduled for August 1, 2022, was cancelled by hip-hop legend Drake because he had Covid. A few days later, when performing on stage with his close friends and former labelmates, the Toronto superstar referred to Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj as two of the best rappers.

Nicki Minaj made a joke about Drake still having Covid

Drake’s regular collaborator Nicki Minaj made a joke about the Grammy-winning rapper owning Covid. The brief performance by the Queen of rap was then made fun of on social media. But given how swiftly Drake returned to the stage, some people also questioned whether he had had Covid. As a part of Drake’s OVO Fest 2022, the Young Money reunion took place at Toronto’s Budweiser Stage.


How did Drake react?

Nicki Minaj questioned her fellow rapper about whether he was still exhibiting any symptoms while they were performing with Drake and Lil Wayne. Do you still have Covid? the female emcee inquired as they both grinned at each other. Drake waited for his turn, enjoying the moment, then asked her, “Can I perform my verse?” The lead vocalist of “God’s Plan” announced that the group would come back together after a trying time on August 5, 2022.

Drake apologized to his fans

Drake, who has 118 million Instagram followers, earlier shared the awful news and promised to soon reveal the new probable date. He also apologized for failing his fans and vowed to give them his all on stage as soon as the results of his test were negative. The 35-year-old rapper’s positive COVID test means that the Young Money Reunion concert, which was initially scheduled for tonight, will now take place at a later time.

How do Fans react to Nicki Mináj’s joke about Drake?

Social media users swiftly reacted to Nicki Mináj’s joke about Drake. The video of Nicki Minaj asking Drake if he still have COVID, still on stage has me laughing aloud. With two laughing faces and joy in their eyes, one person posted, “Nicki Mináj reаlly аsked Drake if he hаd covid mid performаnce,” while another added, “When @NICKIMINAJ аsked Dráke did he still hаve Covid I died love when she jokes аround on stage.”


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