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Nam Joo Hyuk to Serve the Police Force: Military Enlistment Date Announced

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Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk, the k-drama star is joining the police force and the military service date for the same has come out. It was Hyuk’s agency that confirmed the news. This has made the fans of the actor to be sad. As they would be missing the actor now from the drama. But when is Nam Joo Hyuk joining the police force?

Read ahead to know more about Nam Joo Hyuk’s military enlistment date for joining the police force revealed.

A little about Nam Joo Hyuk

Nam Joo Hyuk has been one of the popular k-drama actor and a model. He even made an appearance in some music videos. While debut of him came in 2014 with The Idle Mermaid. Hyuk later appeared in many other series including the one that came out in 2022 as Twenty-five Twenty-One.

Recently some announcement about his upcoming joining the police force has come out. This has made all his fans to be curious to know when the k-drama actor would be beginning his military service and when is he to complete the same.


Nam Joo Hyuk’s military service enlistment date announced

It was recently that the agency of Nam Joo Hyuk SOOP announced the military service enlistment date of the actor. As the actor is soon to join the services. Stating the same SOOP said, “Nam Joo Hyuk recently wrapped up filming for Vigilante amid waiting for his draft notice”.

Adding further it said, “The actor reportedly applied to The Capital Defense Command Military Police Group in May last year”. The actor before actually joining the military force would be undergoing training for the same of about five weeks. Nam Joo Hyuk’s enlistment begins on 20th March 2023.

More updates on the military service of Nam Joo Hyuk

Though we have no clue when the military services of Nam Joo Hyuk would be over. The mandatory time period for such services for Koreans it is 18 to 23 months. Hence, following that time period, we can expect Hyuk to come back from his military services either towards the end of 2024 or early 2025.


Meanwhile, after coming across the announcement of Hyuk’s joining the police force we have fans of the actor to be sad. As they would miss their favorite star from the K-drama for a long time. Fans went on to express their sadness about the same on social media.


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