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Fact Check: is Yasin Cengiz Alive? TikTok Start Death Hoax Explained

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Yasin Cengiz

TikTok star recently was left worried after coming across a news saying the popular TikTok star Yasin Cengiz has died. Well, before you actually start believing the news about Yasin. You must know that much such news about other celebs has been doing rounds on the internet too. That didn’t turn out to be true. So, is Yasin Cengiz really dead in 2023?

Read ahead to know more about TikTok star Yasin Cengiz’s death rumours concerning all his fans.

Who is Yasin Cengiz?

If you are active on TikTok then you might have come across the videos of TikTok star Yasin Cengiz too. Cengiz is a TikTok star from Istanbul, Turkey who rose to fame on the platform with his dance moves.

@yasincengiz38 Hayat değiştiren dans sizlerle😎😎😎#bygöbekshow #göbekshow #londra🇬🇧 #kosova #pristine #sofiabulgaria🇧🇬 #bulgaristan #bulgariantiktok #LiveForTheChallenge #kayseriii #türkiyem🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷 #38 #azerbaycan🇦🇿türkye🇹🇷tiktok #afrikaanstiktoks #hindistan #almanya🇩🇪 #amerika🇺🇸
#bulgaristan🇧🇬❤️ #lübnan🇱🇧 #skibiridopdop ♬ Dom Dom Yes Yes – Biser King

He is best known for his belly dance where his moves on “Shtibidid Dom Dom Yes Yes” beats went viral. His videos mostly show him travelling around the globe and even coming with some other influencers.

He is popular on TikTok for his content as it gave him 7 million followers on the platform. However, recently his fans were left worried after coming across a rumour about him.

Death rumours of Yasin Cengiz go viral on the internet

While Yasin Cengiz has lots of fans across social media, especially TikTok. His fans were recently worried for him as they came across a sad rumour about his death. It began on TikTok that the “RIP” messages about the death of Yasin Cengiz started doing rounds on TikTok.

@rallefragrance Goodbye yasincengiz #rtl #foryoupage #viral #fyp #youtube #tiktok #live #instagram #ralleyaytv #tikrokchallange #trending #duet #dance #yasincengiz #yasincengiz38 #yasincengiz #foryou ♬ Originalton – Ralle Fragrance

Some of the videos were showing old pics of Cengiz while it was mentioning that the TikTok star has died. However, no exact source of that news came out. This left all the fans of Yasin worried for him as some believed that indeed the TikTok star has died.


Is Yasin Cengiz really dead in 2023?

Well, for all those who have been concerned over the news of the demise of Yasin Cengiz. The news is absolutely false. Yasin Cengiz is fine and very much alive in 2023. It has just been a death hoax dragging the name of Cengiz in it this time.

Not to miss, previously too much such news went viral on the internet about other celebs like Tom Holland, Oprah Winfrey and even Will Smith. Yet, they were all fake. Thus if you across such fake or misleading news on the internet then report the same immediately.


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