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MrBeast launching music career: Who is MrBeast collabing with?

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It seems like famous YouTuber MrBeast has another talent to show his fans as he recently revealed that he is to launch his musical career with some collab. Yes, MrBeast would also sing and probably his first musical break is with some collab. Well, that’s indeed a good news for all his fans. But when is that happening?

Read ahead to know more about MrBeast to launch his music career with a collab.

MrBeast is to launch his music career

We all know how popular MrBeast has grown over the years. While he is on social media including tiktok. His recent tiktok video was something special for his fans. As they got to know about what the YouTuber has in store for all his fans. Well, in his short tiktok video recently he revealed his upcoming plans.


Among which the most surprising thing was that MrBeast is to launch his musical career. Yes, that’s what he shared in his 5 second long video on TikTok. Where he even mentioned one more thing which was about a collab. Hence, it’s likely that the first musical break of MrBeast is to be a collab as well.

Fans reaction on MrBeast’s career launch

After the announcement of MrBeast that he is launching his musical career. His fans have been curious to know when that’s likely to happen. Meanwhile as he asked about who he did collab with. Fans have been thinking with whom his collab happened.

Though the YouTuber himself didn’t mention anything about it. Yet fans are thinking that it might be BTS. As it was in the tag of MrBeast’s TikTok video. But some of the fans have been saying that the tag of BTS in his video could be “Behind-the-scenes”. Whatever it may be, fans are indeed excited to have him as a musical artist now.


MrBeast became 2nd YouTuber to cross 100 million subscribers

With lots of YouTubers trying to get their name in the 100 million club. We have got the first YouTuber to have his 100 million subscribers as PewDiePie. He has 111 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

However, now we have one more in that club with PewDiePie. Yes, MrBeast recently became the second YouTuber to get in the 100 million subscribers club. As he attained his 100 million subscribers recently.


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