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TikTok: “think big” sound Trend Explained, Viral memes taking over the Internet

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Tiktok over the years has become a hub for viral trends and challenges as lately it is making everyone go crazy over the “think big” sound. Well yes, “think big” is the new obsession on TikTok. While on one hand users are busy trying this. Some of them are still trying to know its meaning. So, what is the sound “think big” all about?

Read ahead to know more about TikTok’s new trend “think big” goes viral.

TikTok gets new “think big” sound trend

Tiktok can have any type of trend be it anything amusing, serious or inspirational. Similar is with this new trend “think big” as well. This particular trend is going viral on TikTok. Where it is actually a sound trend going popular on the app. This trend is inspirati onal and making everyone love it a lot.


In one “think big” viral video a man can be heard saying “Bi*ch, you thinking small, when you need to be thinking good. You need to be thinking good bi*ch”. Ever since which, the audio has been used by users to make their own version of think big trend on TikTok.

What’s making “think big” trend popular on TikTok?

The inspirational touch of the trend has helped the trend to have several videos on it. So far the think big hashtag has been seen for more than 69 million times. However, if you want to know where this trend came from then it came from a TikTok Larolyn Hayes-Dodd.

The audio by Larolyn came in 22 july. Where it even had a caption as “Lesson for the day”. Not just that, the video went so viral that it got about 4 million views over it and several likes on it too.

@brehannadaniels My inner voice started kicking in when I first joined NASCAR. I was super nervous of what was to come. True story…😅 #fyp #frisco #nascar #pitcrew #biginkenergy #thinkbig #thinkbigbih #brehannadaniels #firstblackfemaletirechanger ♬ original sound – Larolyn Hayes-Dodd

Users reaction to “think big” trend

Over the years TikTok has grown really big. Where its huge user base has helped videos on the app go viral. It hardly takes much time to make any trend go viral. Similar is what happened with the think big trend as well.

Users have loved the sound of thinking big. Meanwhile, the inspirational theme of it gave users to make a video by themselves using popular sound. While there have been several funny videos on the same trend too that’s going popular.

@ciara Born Wit It 🤣 @litabyciara ♬ original sound – Ciara

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